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A very interesting piece that defines the significance of waiting as a preliquisite to accomplishing greatness

Could still feel the voice in my head or perhaps down to my heart.
That firm and familiar voice 
Of which I cannot overrule,

It has become my guide and daily
Oracle, against all the rush of life and early hood, I might not fail. It came that I might not be lost, it never left in all my hurry.
This voice kept me on balance with the firm, little and familiar voice it called out "WAIT"

I had wanted to run as fast as I could,
Achieve all my goals
And every dream I've ever dreamt. 

But then he said wait!

Oh how I wished to take flight at the very first sight of my seemingly mature but immature wings of what seemed like fame to me but again he called out
When all I could see were opportunities, yet what he said was a hastiness that needed to be controlled.
Just like a young horse it needed to be bridled.

And now, in this light, I find understanding and true maturity.
Now with every step I take, I kept asking when is the right time to fly.

And he responded with a smile you've been flying for a long already. 
Yet your highest pinnacle could be your new ground level if only you want to. 
I blushed at the very thought of ascending much higher than I already had and with all the glories and exploits it would hold,
I excitedly ask how?

And guess what the firm, calm, and familiar voice said?

Mins.nsparck d penner🔥🔥
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