Ways To Know If You Are An Evil Person

Evil means things that are morally bad, causing harm or injury to someone. Moral means what is right and wrong in human behavior. Society tends to label witchcraft, wizards, sorcerers, and others as evil.

Though, their deeds are spiritual (Spiritual evil). I'm bringing it to your notice that these sets of people mentioned above are not the only evil people in society or around us. You can't see a witch in broad daylight attacking his fellow human being with witchcraft power. It is difficult and cannot be achieved. 

*🚦 Some Ways of being evil:*

1. When you owe people money and refuse to pay. You always turn everything to dispute when it is time to pay. You are evil. 

2. When you always boast around and are full of pride. You are evil. James 4:13-17

3. When you gossip about people and say bad things about them. You are evil.

4. When you always lie. No iota of truth can be found in you. Being cleverly dishonest. You are evil!

5. Being preoccupied with an evil thought. You are evil when your thoughts are full of evil imaginations and desires.

6. You are evil when you are fond of putting down the wrong time in your place of work. You are late. Instead of you putting down the right time of arrival, you did not.

7. You are a malevolent being if people around you cannot find Christ in you even though you claim to be a Christian. If you are not for Christ, definitely you are for the devil. No one can serve two masters at a time - Matt 6:24 

8. You are evil when you mislead or influence others to do wrong.

9. You are evil if you are always pessimistic. You have never thought of being optimistic for once. You always aim at the bad results of a thing. Hello✋! You are evil!

10. You are evil if you as a believer deliberately hurt another believer because you believe he/she is a genuine Christian and there is nothing he/she can do about it. 

11. You are evil if you abuse another believer physically and emotionally.

12. You are a malevolent being if you always plot people's downfall, sorrow, etc...

13. If you support/encourages evil, you are evil.

14. If you hate and/or conspire against those doing good/right things, you are evil.

15. If your words do not complement your deeds. You are evil...

The list goes on; please feel free to add yours. They're everywhere, even in churches and among Christians...*Solution:* If any of the above listed is found in you, *REPENT NOW*!

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