A sad story of two siblings..."Denis, can you at least smile? You're going to ruin the picture" Jessica smirked.

"I told you I'm not photogenic. You pushed me into this," I said, frowning at her. "You look good," the photographer exclaimed as he gaped at the picture of me he had just snapped on his camera screen. "Are you sure? I hope you're not pulling my legs too," I scowled, facing the photographer. "I'm serious. You look so cute here; come have a look," the photographer said as he showed me the picture. "I think you should consider a career in modeling like your sister here." The photographer teased, and we all laughed hysterically. "Yes, brother, I consent to that. You're going to make a great model. You have all it takes, trust me," Jessica added. "Nope! I disagree. Modeling is for good-looking people like you," I said.****

Jessica is my sister, a model based in the US. She's just coming home for the first time in ten years. She left when after our parents died in a ghastly motor accident. We took a few more pictures before we left the photo studio. We were driving home, cracking jokes and reminiscing about our childhood memories. Jessica said she couldn't wait to meet my girlfriend, Dianne. Suddenly, a car overtook us, and it parked right in front of us, causing me to apply emergency brakes. Just in, two heavily armed men alighted from the vehicle, approaching us. They yanked the car doors open, tugging Jessica and me out forcefully. "Move!" one of them yelled as they swaddled us into their car. They tied our faces with a blindfold. They were driving so fast, my heart palpitating anxiously.

Jessica was vying and panting heavily with her words - inaudible because of the handkerchief tucked into our mouths. "Shut up and be still," one of the men shouted at Jessica, but she didn't yield to his order; she continued with the incessant tussle. They hit her on the head, and she passed out. Fear gripped me when I couldn't hear or feel Jessica's moves anymore. I rasped, and I began tussling and rumbling too. They hit my head with the bottom of a gun. My view became blurry, and my head was covered in pain as I lost consciousness.****

I regained consciousness. Opening my eyes, I realized my hands and legs were tied together, likewise Jessica. We've been abducted to an uncompleted building. My blindfold was taken off, and I could see the eerie faces of the daredevils. They untied Jessica. For a second, I thought they were going to set her free until the unforeseen happened. They took turns to râpê, my sister.

Jessica beseeched for her life. Pains and agony were seeping off her breath as they râpêd her to death. They were lost in their world of thrill, ululating victoriously. I wished I could come to her rescue, but I was blinded; all I could do was shriek painfully. My heart - was broken into fragments as I couldn't do anything to save my only sister. I felt useless and disappointed in myself. A few hours later, I was released, and later that day, Jessica's corpse was found on the streets. That incident traumatized and crammed my mind with so many unanswered questions. Who is behind this? Why did they spare me? I involved the police, and they commenced an investigation. My heart was rigorously seeking vengeance. It's saddening that I just lost my only family agonizingly.****

Two days later. My girlfriend, Dianne, came to see me. I didn't mention what happened to her. I was pained beyond ordinary; neither did I even remember I had a girlfriend. "Babe, why are you crying? Are you okay?" Dianne said, peering at me in surprise. "My sister was râpêd to death two days ago," I mumbled amidst tears. "You have a sister? You never mentioned it to me," Dianne said, twirling her voice. "Yes, I have a sister. She just came into the country some days ago. Actually, she left this country after our parents died in an auto crash," I said, burying my head in my hands. "Oh my God! What have I done?" Dianne said, and my instincts were stirred. "Dianne, what did you do?" I said, wiping off the tear in my left eye. Dianne didn't respond; she was gazing at space, wearing a stupefied and sobber countenance. I began simmering with rage, staring at her in disgust.

"Dianne, I said what the hêll did you do?" I yelled at the top of my voice. Fear gripped her as I stood in front of her like a hyena - ready to pounce on a wandering prey. "Denis, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it. I never knew she was your sister," Dianne said with tears in her eyes. I grabbed her in the neck, choking and wiggling her violently. "What did you do? Start talking now," I screamed, shoving her to the sofa. "I was notified that Wednesday morning that you had a strange lady in your car. I trailed you both to the photo studio. I thought you were cheating on me with her because I saw you upload her pictures on Facebook, tagging her as your 'Wednesday Woman Crush' I did all I did because I love you, and I didn't want to lose you. I was behind everything. I never knew she was your sister," Dianne confessed tearily. After the Wednesday morning photo shoot, I uploaded some of Jessica's pictures on Facebook, referring to her as my WWC. Why are women so jealous, callous, and manipulative? I was gasping heavily, coated in sweat, with my heart whizzing. "Dianne, did you know that's my twin sister you just killed?"

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