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"we Might Have To Press The Replay Button Multiple Times For This Kissing Scene"

Now, they're staring at themselves; Actually, they're in a bar; She just lost her boyfriend to her best friend;

Now, they're staring at themselves.
Actually, they're in a bar.
She just lost her boyfriend to her best friend.

He just caught his mother with another man.
The first time they stared this hard at each other was during an excursion visit to the State's Museum.
No conversation ensued between them.

Just. Staring. At. Each other.
"What's your name?" She asks, swirling her vodka.

"My name's Piper"
"I figured"

"You suddenly turned red when I looked at your lips."
"I know. I already feel hot in my panties."
"We have been staring at each other for the past 10 minutes," he says.
During their college excursion, it was when their instructor suddenly blew his whistle, signaling for them to get to the school bus, did they register their presence.

"So you say I'm handsome?" He slurs, swirling his drink.
For fear of drooling again, she grabs her drink. Blushing.
"Oh, for the love of Jupiter, why do I feel this way?" she mutters as her eyes land on his sensual lips.
"People say my lips can make a woman confess her sins."
"You're heartbroken, I'm heartbroken. I say we spend the night together," he whispers into her ear.

With both of their emotions at their peak, he whispers to her ears and pulls her in for a leg-shattering kiss.
The incessant complaints of the bar manager warning them about the broken glasses suddenly falls on deaf ears.
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