We Should All Be Readers

Hobbies are relative. You know, what works for Bari-ekwaadoo may not work for Favour. But, there's one hobby I believe we should all embrace.

(The title has already betrayed every suspense I was hoping to torture you with🙄😒) Yeah, it's reading. Reading is fun. One of the most fun activities ever. At least at those times when you are not in a reading slump. Reading is not limited to a particular genre. Like, you can't say lovers of fiction are not real readers or anything like that. Someone who enjoys reading just newspapers can say he's a reader too! (I'm a communication student, but even I am not that geeky. Cringe!)

Reading has lots of advantages. I don't think there's any disadvantage that accompanies reading except maybe your bank account. But even that is not a problem when you have the funds to finance this hobby. WHY SHOULD ALL OF US BE READERS? Reading OPENS YOU UP TO NEW WORLDS. You know, in fiction, we believe that what we read about is an "unrealistic reality," but I don't believe that that's entirely the case. When one reads about aliens and half-giants and sorcerers, we call it the writer's imagination. But, imaginations are not just born. At least, that's what I believe.

There are events, people, and situations that trigger such imagination in the writer. Writers are able to create the unknown from the known. And then, he shares this unknown world with us. I mean, a game played on a broomstick with a very alive ball? Quidditch, she called it. Who would've thought? (If you get the reference, let me know in the comments section 😆) Reading FEEDS YOUR IMAGINATION.

Human beings are thinking beings. This is basically why sometimes you hear people ask, don't you think? Or Do you think at all? Or Did you think this through? God designed our brains to think. To reason. I mean, how else would we come up with solutions to problems that metamorphose daily (sometimes the same problems with different names)? Reading helps you come up with scenarios. It helps you connect with different trains of thought.

Reading is A MEANS OF EDUCATING YOURSELF. No stress. No lecturers breathing down your neck and threatening you with deadlines. Just you on your own schedule, learning about what you find interesting. There are so many things I've learned from just reading novels. For one, I've learned a lot about different cultures (some slightly exaggerated) from reading. I especially enjoy it when I'm reading about something I didn't know. It gets even better when I'm able to compare a current read with something I've previously read. Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks taught me a lot about World Wars 1 and 2. The whole experience was more than just reading a history textbook. I met characters whom I rooted for; I followed them through their pain and on their journeys to work things out. It was amazing!

Chinua Achebe taught me a lot about the colonial era, early nationalism and politics in Nigeria (and how nothing much has changed🙄), and the Igbo culture. Buchi Emecheta, Elechi Amadi, and Flora Nwapa taught me about the early traditional/religious beliefs of Nigerians. I learned a lot about espionage and American law from Sidney Sheldon. I learned about the early negro struggles through the writings of Richard Wright. There are many others, but I'll just stop here. You don't need to travel to tourist centers to learn about history. Pick a book and read, pal!

Disclaimer: You can't learn about culture (especially one that is not yours), history, and other subjects from only novels. I mean, especially if you're looking for FACTS. Reading IMPROVES YOUR VOCABULARY. It's boring to keep using the same words all the time. Yea, they get your message across, but don't you just have the urge to speak fancy sometimes? (I'm not saying speak unnecessarily fancy and embarrass yourself🤐) You and I know that there are situations that require a certain level of "academic show-off." Even if it is not required of you, you may find yourself on the receiving end of such a display. You wouldn't want to cut off a conversation to ask the meaning of "lackadaisical," would you?

Even if you escape finding yourself in such a situation, I can't tell you how fun it is to learn new words. The funny thing about it is you may learn a new word, but the situation that requires you to use it will only present itself after a lot of time has passed. You don't have to read a dictionary to learn new words. ( I used to do it. I wouldn't stop you if that's what you want.🤐) But you'll agree with me that learning new words through novels is way better. You're having fun and learning at the same time. Isn't that a treat?😏

Reading is AN AVENUE FOR FILLING YOUR CREATIVE BANK. I can't count how many times I've gotten ideas from reading a book. Reading is when you have mental intercourse with the writer. He shares his point of view; you compare it to yours. Your brain whirls (without you even meaning it to), and alas! You've learned something new! Another idea added to your creative bank. (It's not always as simple as this, mind you) Reading is A PRODUCTIVE WAY TO WHILE AWAY YOUR TIME

Why spend time on physically draining activities when you can read?😏 With these few points of mine, I know I have been able to convince you that ALL OF US should DITCH SOCIAL MEDIA for a few hours a day and READ A BOOK!

©️ Musings by Bari-ekwaadoo


My name is Bari-ekwaadoo Lekia, and I employ creativity in weaving out original and engaging content for blogs, business pages, and social media pages.

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