Weakness - A Blessing Or Curse

*TEXT:* 1Peter 3:7 Weakness according to the dictionary is the lack of ability and generally, to be weak means to have a little strength or energy but in the context of God's word above it means something different.

A closer look at the above👆 scripture - ... God's gift of life, i.e., eternal life (a reward for those that believe in God through Jesus Christ, thereby living a holy life). This shows that it is an instruction from God to believers, not unbelievers.

Furthermore, the men were told that women are weaker, which means men are weak, but women are only weaker than men. *What exactly is this weakness that God is talking about?* Some women have misunderstood the meaning of this weakness and allowed themselves to be played down by some men that see nothing better in a woman than to address them as weaker vessels who cannot survive without them.

Oftentimes, the opposite sex is quoted as saying, "... weaker vessel you need a man to protect you, provide for you, etc. My heart bleeds when I hear this because I know women and would-be women who are ignorant of the meaning of this weakness will likely fall prey to the deceit of the young boys who do not know they're left from the right. To make matters worst, the relationship is not without sexual intercourse.

After messing with you sexually, in marriage, they look for a tight vagina. Dear ladies, pls don't join the league of women seeking ways to tighten your vagina when you can actually prevent it from becoming express road/well. Stop letting a man play on your emotion because you feel you cannot be anything except you have a relationship or become married; that is a lie from the pit of hell! The number one problem that would make you feel incomplete without a man is your lack of connection with God, building self-esteem and capacity to use the God-given gifts embedded in you. Instead of feeling inferior, rejoice when men address you as a weaker vessel, for God delights in this weakness - Matt 5:3

*Weaker vessel: What Does it Mean?*

It is not necessarily a physical, intellectual, or spiritual weakness. Both in scriptures and in contemporary times, there are many women that have proven to be physically and spiritually strong, sometimes even stronger than men. Examples in the scripture are the prophetess/Mother in Isreal - Prophetess Deborah (Judges 4), Mary Magdalene (Matt 28:1), etc.

In the history of the church, there are women who faced physical and spiritual rigors in the mission field yet emerged victoriously example, Mary Slessor in the Calabar area of Nigeria. There are female doctors, lawyers, professors, pilots, political leaders, etc. In our contemporary times, women have proven to be intellectually strong. So it cannot also be an intellectual weakness that God is talking about.

*What then is this weakness?*🤷‍♀️

It is the ability of the sanctified to realize that he/she has no strength/power of his/her own, i.e., he/she does not have the strength to do anything except with the help of God. God expects this weakness in all the sanctified, whether male or female. It is the weakness of our daily need to depend on God. While Christian men depend on God (weak), Christian women are to depend more on Him (weaker). It is a useful weakness that draws God's attention to the believer. At this point, I would like to share the story of a woman whom l term a weaker vessel in our contemporary time. This woman though I've never met her in person but through people's testimony and that of her husband, I came to conclude that she is a vivid example of a weaker vessel.

According to the testimony, the men around pst. (Mrs) Onuoha and her husband, pastor Onuoha, did believe in God for her survival. Yet, she was persuaded to heed the doctor's advice during the premature delivery of her 6months old child owing to the fact that she had lost a lot of water. She, as a weaker vessel, believed even more in God. As such, she rejected the doctor's report on the ground that God would help her and she would carry the child alive. God does have respect for such weakness, and He did it for her.

In conclusion, dearly beloved sisters in Christ, whatever our present level of achievement/success is, let us always depend wholly on God because this weakness earns us respect before God and our earthly husbands (if unmarried like me, our future husbands). Also, because the eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has anyone imagined what God has in stock for those that depend wholly on Him (1Cor 2:9)

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