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Wealthy Lies/ Season 1

Aye Chul and Aye RI were separated when they were younger. Aye Chul was adopted. Years went by and Aye Ri is in her prime. She is living a life full of hardships. Surprisingly she recieves an interview letter from a re- knowned firm. Surprises wait ahead. Life full of lies. Friends in disguise. People who looked family betrayed them. A series of turns and one of the biggest heists ever. Union of long lost sisters and filthy truths. The lies of rich families and much more to be discovered.

Chapter: 01


There once lived a duo of Kim Aye Chul and Kim Aye Ri. They were best friends. They grew up in the same house. They were un-partable. Both girls loved each other dearly and were always a fan of adventure. Both girls were lively. In the blink of an eye, Aye Ri turns 14. Kim Aye Chul is around the same age (because her age is unknown). During this time, the parents talk about Kim Aye Chul's adoption. She was an orphan found on their doorstep all alone with a note to save her. Soon after, her original parents find her and take her away to Paris. They part a sad Goodbye. 

Subsequently, eleven years have passed. Aye Ri is living a life full of hardships and troubles. Her parents died in a car accident three years ago. She was the only survivor of her family. She doesn't have that many friends, only her colleagues from her old job, which consisted of Hieri, Lisa, and Jennie. They were half American and half Korean. They lived in the same apartment as hers.  She just got fired due to a rude patient and was now looking for a job. She applied for many jobs ranging from clerk to even stooping low as a security with an M.B.B.S. degree.

She specialized in dermatology. But ALAS, she got rejected from all of them. Then suddenly she received an e-mail from a re-known international company, "Jolie" (meaning: pretty). The e-mail consisted of the interview schedule as well as the timing. She was head over heels from joy. She screamed, not abling to control her emotions. Hieri and Jennie both looked at Aye Ri, shocked. She filled them in about the e-mail. The trio was thrilled to hear the news. The squad then went for shopping to prepare for Aye Ri's interview. Because Aye Ri was broke, her friends became her bank account. They all enjoyed it. At the end of the day, they went to a bar and drank their hearts out.

On the day of the interview, Aye Ri dolled herself up and went to the firm. She was given the first position for an interview, although others came in long ago. She was then directed to the C.E.O.'s office. She introduced herself. Aye Ri couldn't see the person's face when in a split second, the person in the chair stood up and faced Aye Ri. She was Kim Aye Chul, her sister. Aye Ri was surprised, and without a further ado, she hugged her. Both sisters shared a moment with each other.

Chapter: 02


Both sisters were enjoying a happy reunion when Aye Chul suddenly pulled back. Aye, Ri was confused. Aye Chul became depressed and repeatedly murmured, I've made a great mistake. I've made a great mistake. Aye Ri was confused. Aye Chul called for her secretary and whispered something in her ear. Aye Ri was filled with delusions. The secretary led Aye Ri out of the office and pointed to another staff. That staff asked Aye Ri to follow her. She escorted her to the lobby. Aye Ri was baffled. She then again pointed to a woman. This time the woman looked ordinary. She wasn't a member of the staff. Aye Ri quietly followed her to an abandoned building. Aye Ri was following her because she believed that her sister wouldn't cause any harm to her even though they haven't been together for 11 years.

The girl introduced herself as Jisoo. She was one of Aye Chul's loyal subordinates. She gave her a brief explanation of the situation. She informed her that eyes are everywhere and she should be wary of people. There can be an enemy in disguise. She also told Aye Ri to only meet Aye Chul when she tells her to otherwise, both of them will be in danger. She wanted to say something else but fled off while saying wait for her and don't be rash. Aye Ri was in disbelief after what she had witnessed. She went home with a lot of thoughts in her head.

As soon as she entered the apartment, all three of her munchkins looked at her and eyed her. She looked at them in confusion when Hieri broke the awkward silence and asked her about the interview. Aye RI was speechless and then made up that she couldn't make it due to an accident, and the interview got delayed. For sure, the friends didn't believe her. But she convinced them anyway. A month had passed since Aye Ri's last meeting with Aye Chul's. She had started working in Lisa and Jennie's company. They worked in a packing facility where they had to pack boxes of chocolate.

The company had given a two-week-long holiday to the employees as a bonus because the company profited from the last project and made a ton of money and because it was New year. Lisa had gone back to her parents to spend her new year's holiday where Jennie and Hieri decided to go on a trip to Maldives. Aye Ri was all alone now. She spent the first two days sitting at home and binge-watching Hotel Del Luna. Afterward, she received a call from an unknown caller. She was hesitant at first but soon picked up the call. The person told Aye Ri to meet her at the abandoned house. Aye Ri, in an instance, figured out that it was Jisoo who had called her.

Chapter : 03


Aye Ri quickly dressed and rushed to the abandoned house.She was waiting for Jisoo when she was knocked out by a chloroform-laced rag placed over her lips. When she awoke, she was in a magnificent bedroom that didn't appear to be suitable for housing the hostage.Aye Ri went to the door and found it open, much to her amazement. She entered the living area and noticed Aye Chul conversing with some security. 

Aye Chul urged Aye Ri to come downstairs as she was peering at her. Aye RI was embarrassed, but she followed the instructions. Mr. and Mrs. Kim are not Ri's or Chul's biological parents, she claims. They discovered them both near an abandoned house, with a message instructing them to look after the girls. So, our biological parents hired Mr. and Mrs. Kim to look after us. I was taken by some unknown hired persons after I reached 14, not by our parents.

They whispered in my ear as we left Kim's residence that you're not safe. You must take care of yourself and be cautious about whom you choose to trust. I was clearly terrified at the time. They went on to say that the guy who hired them (Aye Chul and Aye Ri's father) only communicated with them over the phone. They'd never met in person before. He went on to say that you have to seem pleasant at all times in order to acquire your aunt's trust. The couple's final words were to find a way through and stop them. 

They left after showing me the way to the jet after we arrived at the airport. I traveled by myself. They also said that if I showed our aunt this relic, she would confirm my identity. It belonged to our mother. It was gifted by the father as the betrothal gift. She also told Aye Ri that the manner she lived there was a living horror. Her aunt was always trying to get rid of her. She was perplexed by her actions.

When the aunt saw Aye Chul's face, she always expressed some secret anxiety. She was always a long way away from her. Aunt was once out shopping when she was involved in an accident. I was sitting next to her in the vehicle. It happened when I was 19 years old. I remembered the couple's advice from five years ago on how to acquire my aunt's trust. I rushed out of my automobile without hesitation and assisted Aunt with her evacuation. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying the spectacle. Aunt began to trust me after that occurrence and began to become closer to me. Aunt was childless. She was our father's younger sister. She had no children despite the fact that she had been married for 15 years. When her spouse was discovered dead in a pub one night. According to the authorities, it was because he drank too much and died as a result of the high alcohol dosage. Auntie got his inheritance. Our auntie is still in Paris right now, but she has eyes everywhere. You must exercise caution and safeguard yourself. She then went on to urge Aye Ri to assist her in finding their parents. Hearing all of this astounded Aye Ri, and all she could do now was assist her sister. Aye Chul then broke the stillness once more, saying, "I believe the accident that occurred to Mr. and Mrs. Kim was deliberate."

Chapter: 04

Best Buddies

Aye Ri was taken aback. Aye Chul then indicated that it could have something to do with her aunt. Aye Ri was speechless. Aye Chul then summoned one of the servants and ordered that she bring cocoa with cinnamon. Aye Ri stared at her, puzzled, and questioned, "Do you still remember?" Aye Chul responded, "Why not?" Aye Chul then caught up with Aye Ri. They had a lovely evening together. Aye Ri then returned to her chamber. She awoke at eleven the next day. She looked at the clock, stunned. She hurriedly got herself ready. Well, she got herself ready in an oversized hoodie.

She dashed up the stairwell and into the dining room. Hieri, Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo were sitting there, much to her astonishment. Her eyes were an inch wide as she peered at them. They followed likewise. "Why are you fellas here?" Aye Ri exclaimed. "Why are you?" they all said at the same time. Aye Chul spoke out candidly and asked if they knew each other. Aye Ri said in the affirmative, "They're my buddies, as I mentioned before. 

Despite the fact that I didn't give you their names, ". "Why not?" Aye Chul inquired. Because I forgot, she mumbled. "Do you guys know each other?" Lisa inquired. When Aye Chul said they were sisters, she was taken aback. After overcoming this little issue, Aye Chul advised everyone not to reveal their names to anybody else, or their strategy would be jeopardized. Aye Chul then got a strange-looking handgun from a drawer and ordered everyone to sit quietly. "How could we be calm while you're brandishing a gun?" Jennie said. Jisoo clarified the situation by stating that the pistol was used to implant chips into their arms, allowing them to be tracked in the event of an unexpected event. 

This frightened the girls much more. They were finished in a few minutes, and it was now Aye RI's turn. In a split second, she went from adult female to crying infant. She attempted to flee but was apprehended by Hieri. She gave up after many efforts to flee and sat down. The chip was inserted successfully. Aye Chul then directed them inside a room. The space resembled a conference room. While Aye Chul switched on the projector, everyone sat at the table. She went on to describe the strategy she had planned.

Chapter: 05


Aye Chul announced in the conference room that her aunt's house is hosting a charity party next month. It's the largest party The Lees have ever put on. Her aunt is hosting the event to announce my marriage. Everyone was taken aback by her appearance. Aye Chul said, "Basically, it's an engagement celebration for me." All of the wealthy families' members would be present. Now, to see how far I've progressed with my strategy, I discovered some criminal records under my aunt's name. At the time, they were repressed by bribing the police. I couldn't discover strong proof since they were one step ahead of us. What are we going to do if we don't even have proof of her filthy work, Hieri wondered?

That's why Aye Chul responds; I've summoned you all. My aunt's locker has the data pertaining to the victims' hearings. That locker holds all of the proof as well as the Lee family's most valuable possession. Lisa exclaimed and spoke out. Swarovski Tiara in Blue Aye Chul nods in agreement. 

The projector is then turned on by Aye Chul. The blueprint for the Lee home is seen on the first slide. Aye Chul begins by describing the blueprint. First, she identifies them by the entrances and the fact that they exist, which may be important in the event of an evacuation. Then she proudly gestures to a chamber, saying, "This is where our future resides."

She then goes on to explain it more. Thirty regular guards, ten karate specialists, ten judo specialists, ten ninjas, ten American veteran army bodyguards, and twenty Taekwondo masters defend the chamber. Security cameras are not only installed on the ceiling but also disguised within the decorations. Is there even such a necessity, said Aye Ri. This is basically a waste of money.

Aunt has the room completely secured. Jisoo, too, frets at the excessive security. Then Aye Chul adds, "That's just the start." It isn't even a quarter of the security. There are five combination locks on the safe, as well as a hand and eye sensor for verification.

There is a laser wall that can pierce through any substance. Jennie questions if all of this is really necessary. Aye Chul responds that someone needs to cover their traces. She claims that she has always heard my aunt requesting her bodyguards to address various anonymous things since she was a child. She inquires as to why her pals are assisting Aye Chul. Lisa responded that it was because she had harmed every one of us individually. Aye Chul discovered us around three months ago, and we've been collaborating since then. Aye Ri inquires as to what her aunt has done to them. Everyone begins to recount their personal misfortunes.

Jennie takes the stage first, explaining how her father was ruthlessly killed. He used to work as a cop. Miss Lee Chae Yeong was allegedly implicated in a case of embezzlement. Jennie's father refused to take her bribe and was brutally murdered right in front of her. A razor slashed his face open. Jennie, a 12-year-old girl who was terrified, bolted. Fortunately, she survived, but her mother died while attempting to save her. Heiri then gives her a portion of the story. Her mother was a waitress in a café. Miss Lee Chae Yeong was arrested for supplying narcotics to a minor. Hieri's mother had her caught red-handed. When Hieri's mother notified the cops, the cops arrested and imprisoned Hieri's mother for slander. Miss Yeong's orders were that she be drugged every day and let suffer. She eventually killed herself by cutting her wrists.

Lisa is next. She claims to have been residing with her brother. Their parents were killed when a building collapsed. Her younger brother was a kind and gentle child. He once witnessed a group of men attempting to abduct a little girl. She screamed for aid, but no one heard her and treated her as if she were a ghost. Lisa's brother stepped up to assist the young lady. He was slain in the process. In broad daylight, they strangled him to death with chains. The girl attempted to flee but was apprehended and slain as well. After then, the room was deafeningly quiet. Aye Ri inquired about Jisoo's motives for joining the group. Jisoo was their third sister, much to her surprise. She was two years Aye Ri's younger, which stunned Aye Ri.

Chapter; 06

Little Jobs

Aye Ri was really insane. It's not every day that you learn you have a business tycoon sister and a combat sister. Aye Chul then requested that Jisoo bring out the USB. It was inserted into the projector by her. A new slide with a new blueprint appeared. It was a system of underground security. Aye Chul went on to say that the security mechanism isn't very secure. On the entryway, there are only 5 Ju-Jitsu masters. Inside the system, there are six additional American specialist bodyguards. Apart from that, only programmers are present.

Everyone stared at her with consternation. She smirked at Hieri after that. With that look, Hieri knows that she is up to no good. Aye Chul then handed her a pass. It was an employee I.D. card used to get access to the base. Aye Chul then stated that only the best hacker should be given this assignment, which is you in this situation. Aye RI is stunned for The 100th time, Hieri is queried if she is a hacker. Hieri keeps mute, only confirming the situation. Aye Chul then goes on to remark that Hieri's employment is secure. She simply has to go to work for the next month to get to know the location. She will trespass and hack into the system a week or two later. She will control the security through her laptop after she has successfully infiltrated the system. Finally, as an employee, attend the party.

Lisa's expertise appears on a new slide. The event management business instructs her to dress like a waiter. Now for their employ pass... I couldn't actually get my hands on one beforehand. A last-minute recruit was found through certain contacts. You will now have to compete for the pass. The van that will transport the personnel here will make a stop at McDonald's. When the employees are eating, you can knock one of them out. Lilith Tukesberry is the name of the girl who will hand ya your pass. She is only working as a waitress, and no one will notice her presence. What you must do is dress as s a waitress

Then, when the celebration is hectic, such as when she is merely talking to her business associates, you enter and spill red wine on her. Aunt Yeong is dressed in a soft crème gown and will not waste any time changing. Then you need to sneak out of there before security notices you.

Aye Ri, now. Am I included as well? Aye Ri inquires cynically. Sure thing, sis. Aye Chul responds. What am I going to do? You're a little impatient, aren't you? Now I'll present you as my international buddy. You must maintain a pleasant demeanor. Don't forget that my aunt has a keen eye, so you'll need to practice. Make certain that your accent is not native Korean. Try to be less formal and more laidback. You will practice your accent here for a few days for that aim. I'll introduce you to our adored aunt in three days. It was uttered sarcastically by Aye Chul.

After that, you'll be staying in the guest room. Aunt gets her coffee at 5 a.m. At the time, she is not guarded. You'll arrive before she does. And say you couldn't sleep and came because the scenery was so beautiful. She may then invite you to join her for coffee. When you're done, tell her you'll wash the dishes. That is when you will exchange glasses and take her fingerprint off the cup's grip.

Now my powerful combats. Jisoo and Jennie, You'll handle the difficult tasks. You must first cast the fingerprint that Aye Ri will offer you. Make sure it is correct because if entry is refused, the entire home will begin to beep, and security will be activated. I'll send you images of her eyes. Simply transform them into contact lenses.

After that, you'll be her new personal bodyguard at the party. I'll change your interviews. You must be at her side one week before the party in order for her to trust you. Now I've chosen to go shopping with my aunt. Aye Ri will also join us. You will be in the S.U.V. following us. Now I've arranged for some folks to stage an accident. To escape suspicion, you're going to save aunt first, then me, and last Aye Ri. After that, this aunt will undoubtedly trust you.

Chapter 07

The Premium Black Card

So everyone got their little tasks. Is everything clear? "Wait, Boss!" said Jisoo. You call these petty little tasks. This is one of the biggest Heists we've ever conducted. Everyone turned to gaze at Aye Chul. She just answered, and the meeting was adjourned. Lisa proposed going shopping after this long morning of planning. Aye Ri glanced at her, stunned. Are you kidding me, girl? We're in a bind, and you want to go shopping. And you are assisting me. Lisa inquired as to what, to which Aye RI stated that you had resided in the United States for nearly four years. You sound like a native, and you'll help me sound like a foreigner. Lisa murmurs as if. Everyone starts laughing. 

Aye Ri then takes out her phone, only to discover that it is barren. Aye Chul inquires as to what she is seeking, and she responds with a request for her phone. This time, Jennie responds that her phone is most likely destroyed. Aye Ri has been shocked. Aye Chul then briefly informs her that this is because we may be being followed. This, according to Aye Ri, is sheer unfairness. Then Aye Chul requests that one of her ladies bring her something. It's a special edition Apple phone. Aye Ri is still depressed. Aye Chul delivers the phone to her. Aye Ri checks to see whether it is for her. Aye Chul responds, "No, for your ghost."

Aye Ri is pleased, but she questions Aye Chul about why she broke her previous phone when she purchased a new one. Hieri , states that this is a limited edition iPhone with the greatest security. All of their discussions will be concealed. Aye Chul then hands over a Black credit card to Aye Ri. From all the people in the room, only Aye Ri shrieks. She embraces her sister and inquires about THE PREMIUM CREDIT CARD. Hmm, says Aye Chul. Aye Ri then inquires as to why her pals are so tough. Jennie responds that they all have their own Black cards as well as the most recent I phone. Aye Ri looks at Aye Chul. Aye Chul laughs.

Chapter 08

Best Laid Plans

There is now a week till the engagement celebration. This evening, Aye Ri will meet Miss Lee. Hieri has done a study about the Management organization and the job she is going to... Lisa was unable to achieve the Black card position. She is discussing this with Aye Ri. Aye Chul is at her office, so she won't be suspected. Aye Ri is tense. She asked Lisa what would happen if they couldn't get into the system. Their entire strategy will be shattered. All of their hard work would be for naught. She gets emotional. Aye Chul returns home some hours later. She notices Aye Ri asleep on the couch and asks Jennie what happened. Jennie responds that she should consult Lisa.

 She goes to Lisa's room and asks her about the matter. TO which she replies that she has ruined their revenge. She couldn't even achieve a simple task. She is embarrassed to call herself a hacker. Aye Chul chuckles. Lisa looks at her in shock. Aye Chul replies, Silly, you're crying over a petty little matter like this. Don't you know that I always have a plan B? Lisa looks at her with demanding eyes. She goes on to say that it doesn't matter if she can't get her hands on the card indefinitely. They just require it for a few minutes. So they might just stage a minor mishap to obtain the card. Lisa comprehends what Aye Chul implies.

Aye Ri is now dressed in foreign clothing and preparing to accompany Aye Chul. She packs her suitcase and puts on a fatigued expression. Aye Chul then departs from the house towards The Lee's mansion. When they arrive at Lee's estate, Aye Ri is taken aback by its magnificence. Although Aye Ri has seen images of the home, it appeals Aye Ri in person. She didn't think the luxury would influence her, but she was wrong. Aye Chul asked her to wipe her face. 

 Aye Chul and Aye Ri walked into the home. Miss Lee had taken a seat in the living room. It was quiet, and it appeared that no one lived there. Aye Ri was frightened. Miss Lee joined shortly after. While seated, Aye Ri said hello. She struck up a casual chat. Miss Lee appeared to be normal.

Miss Lee then invited Aye Ri to stay with them rather than at the hotel. Aye Ri first declined but then accepted the idea. After that, Aye RI moved into the Lee mansion. She implemented her second strategy two days later. She walked to the balcony early in the morning and waited for Miss Lee while appreciating the calming view. Soon after, Miss Lee appeared, making Aye Ri less apprehensive. The chat went as expected, and everything proceeded as planned.

Aye Ri then proposed that she wash the mugs instead. Aunt agreed without much thought. Miss Lee was on the balcony when she heard a loud boom. Aye Ri had cut herself after dropping the cup. Miss Lee was worried. She assisted Aye Ri by dressing her wound. Aye Ri felt adored for a little period. Aye Chul took advantage of the circumstance by picking up the glasses without anyone noticing. Aye Chul then gave the glasses to Jisoo, who used them to make a mold. Jennie and Jisoo cast similar fingerprints off the cup's handle without compunction.

Lisa needed to move quickly because there were just a few days till the engagement. Lisa walked into her boss's office and requested him to assist her with some paperwork. Lisa poured him coffee as he was looking for the paperwork. To get him off the hook, she slipped, and the coffee spilled on the superior. Lisa said nervously, "Oh my goodness! What did I do? I'm very sorry. Please do not file a report. It was not my intention." The boss felt sorry for her and did not complain. He then walked to the restroom to change his clothes, leaving Lisa in the office. Lisa seized the opportunity and inserted a USB into the computer.

Chapter 09

A murder attempt

As the footsteps approached, anxiety took control. Lisa managed to plug out the USB just before the door opened. When her shift was through, she headed home. She turned on her laptop without giving it a second thought. She plugged in the USB, and the screen of the senior's computer was instantaneously connected to Lisa's. She quickly accessed the surveillance tape and captured a clip of the vacant chamber that housed the SWOROVSKI tiara and Lee's filthy work. She can adjust the security whenever she wants with the 10-minute snippet. She felt relieved.

There was now just one day till the engagement. Miss Lee and the sisters went to pick up the dress. They had a minor mishap on the way to the boutique. In the car, Aye Ri had previously fitted a microlens camera. Jennie and Jisoo continued with their plans after the automobile crashed. They evacuated everyone in the proper sequence. When everyone was departing, Aye Chul took the lense. Auntie, pleased with their loyalty, invited them to attend the festivities as one of her guards. Both hesitated but eventually accepted her request as part of the plan. Aunt was sitting alone in the evening when she heard a phone call. She was on the phone with someone. She seemed bewildered. It was later discovered that the accident was fabricated on purpose, and both couples who staged the tragedy perished anonymously. Aunt sent one of her lapdogs to thoroughly examine this matter. She was furious. "A murder attempt on my life." They'd want to die."When the shop learned of the accident, they had the gown transported.

At night Jennie and Jisoo prepared the fake contacts by using the camera's pictures. They sent it over to Hieri. Hieri was now fully prepared. On the next morning, the wedding preparations took place. The garden of Lee's mansion was filled with white roses. It was a beautiful and romantic site. The day they had all been anticipating had finally arrived. Although this was the first step in Miss Lee's downfall, it was not a minor offense.

Hieri ambushed the management bus before it arrived in the city H.Aye RI assisted Aye Chul with her make-up and dressing. Both of them looked like princesses. Aye Ri was appointed as the bridesmaid along with the daughters of other chaebols. While Miss Lee was getting dressed, Jennie and Jisoo were accompanying her. She then murmured something into the ears of her designer. Jennie and Jisoo were escorted into another room by the designers.

Chapter 10

Hieri's missing

The day they had all been anticipating had finally arrived. Although this was the first step in Miss Lee's downfall, it was not a minor offense. Hieri ambushed the management bus before it arrived in city H. While Miss Lee was getting dressed, Jennie and Jisoo were accompanying her. She then murmured something into the ears of her designer. Jennie and Jisoo were escorted into another room by the designers. They were concerned that Miss Lee had known something was up. However, much to their delight, the new area was packed with labels such as D.I.O.R. and CHANNEL. Miss Lee had demanded that the designers prepare them for the occasion.

Jisoo was dressed in a bright crimson gown with a slit and a deep v-neck. Jennie donned a black slim-fit gown with bottom fringes and a sleeveless top. Both looked devilishly attractive. When they appeared before Miss Lee's eyes, she comprehended they were a gift for saving her life. Miss Lee was acknowledged briefly by both girls.

The ball had begun. Aye Chul was still in her bridal chamber with Aye Ri. Everyone was now waiting for Hieri's signal with bated breath. Within a few minutes, the dance began. Hieri was still nowhere to be found. Everyone merely waited for Hieri and trusted the process. The ball had been in play for 20 minutes, and there was still no sign of Hieri.

Chapter 11

Time is precious!

Aye Chul went on to dance with her fiance despite her anguish. Her betrothed was Ku Chan Seong, the son of one of H city's most powerful businessmen. Ku Chang Seong and Aye Chul got along surprisingly well. They had a good relationship. She noticed Hieri while dancing and received a voice note. She wore ear plugs under her earrings in one of her ears. It was nicely hidden under the large earrings. Aye Chul breathed a sigh of relief.

Everyone received the notification as well. Lisa then removed the security footage and replaced it with the excerpt. As soon as Jennie and Jisoo received the notification, they set to work on their plan. Hieri then splattered scarlet wine all over Miss Lee's outfit. Jennie rushed to assist her to the restroom. Jisoo knocked Miss Lee out as soon as they reached the private restroom for Miss Lee. They both had her tied up. Jisoo then revealed Hieri by opening the air vent. Hieri changed into Miss Lee's second outfit swiftly. Jisoo stayed behind to monitor an unconscious Miss Lee. Jennie then followed Hieri, who was wearing a phony thumb cast and contact lenses. She also put on make-up to look like Miss Lee.

They headed to the room where Lisa had already dealt with the security. It was now time to pass through all of her guards. Lisa had previously observed Miss Lee's habits and the manner in which she walked and talked, so in her spare time, she assisted Hieri in becoming a carbon replica of Miss Lee. The guards didn't appear to be suspicious. They entered and completed the verification. Following the verification, Jennie opened another one of her expertise and padlocked the safe's tumblers. Miss Lee was only in that room for two minutes. They needed to work more quickly. Jennie was sweating as time ticked away.

Chapter 12

A Romantic Ball

There were only 70 seconds left. Jennie exhaled in relief as there was a tick. They moved rapidly with the strategy. Hieri stole the original documents and replaced them with a counterfeit. They seized the documents without looking at them again and concealed them under Hieri's dressing gown. They were able to conceal the documents since her outfit was long and featured a corset. The door was shut in less than 5 seconds. They were able to escape before the door hinged.

They fled the room half-running. They just managed to retain their photo. Aye Chul was having a good time. She felt relieved for a time. Ku Chang Seong and Aye Chul both have feelings for each other. In each other's presence, they felt at ease and cherished.

Aye Ri was devouring the delicacies at the banquet when she was approached by a handsome man. Park Min Hyuk was his given name. He chuckled when he saw some pudding on Aye Ri's face. He wiped it clean for her. They shared a glance into one other's souls for a brief minute.

He then invited Aye RI to dance with him. It seemed like the finest moment of Aye Ri's life. She was dancing swiftly when she stepped on Hyuk's shoes. She apologized immediately and stated that she had never danced before. Then, while dancing, Hyuk instructs her. When Hieri and Jennie emerged from that section, they passed through blind places before entering the ballroom. Hieri then returned to their house and secured the paperwork. She changes her outfit and returns to the party.

Jisoo, on the other hand, is helped by Jennie. Miss Lee Chae Yeong and Jisoo are in the air vent. Jennie assists with their evacuation. They then take Miss Lee to her room and announce that the celebration will be postponed for a while. It will restart after a while, and the visitors may enjoy themselves at the ball. As reparation, they will all be given a bottle of Chateau Lafite 1869. They then went to Miss Lee and requested that the family doctor examine her thoroughly. Jisoo nodded to Jennie, assuring her that she was OK. The doctor examined her and reported that she was unconscious owing to a lack of energy. Miss Lee was on a strict diet to fit into this garment, but she was unconscious due to a lack of food. He then prescribed medication and placed her on a fifteen-minute drip. Her lapdogs were also present when they were notified that she had fallen. After twenty to twenty-five, she woke up.

Chapter 13

All in vain!

When Miss Chae Yeong woke up, she saw Jennie and Jisoo worried. She felt relieved and asked what the situation was. Jisoo took the lead and falsely made up a story stating that she fainted in the bathroom suddenly and then showed the doctor's report. Jennie then explained that the engagement was postponed and it would resume when you were better. When she looked at her Loyals, they just nodded because it was all true according to what they saw.

Miss Lee then changed into another dress. She joined the ceremony, and the ceremony began as planned. Both couples gave each other rings. Ku Chang Seong kissed Aye Chul on her head. Aye Chul blushed. Aye Ri was standing beside Min Hyuk. She was holding his hand while admiring her beauty. Jisoo also enjoyed the moment from afar. Jennie was busy keeping guard. She didn't even let a fly near her. 

Lisa had joined the party as the programmer's head. Everyone was invited except for the security. DUH. Lisa was wearing a purple dress which was tight-fitting. The neckline was down and showed her beautiful bones. The dress was long and went down to the ground. As Hieri infiltrated as the waitress, she had to wear the uniform. Although the uniform was plain, the Black blazer surely complimented her body. The skirt was cut short by Hieri because she had previously worked in a fashion brand. So she could make anything attractive. The party went smoothly. 

After a couple of days, Aye Ri departed from the Lee mansion and went back to Aye Chul's villa. There was no contact between the Lee mansion and Aye Chul's mansion these couple of days.

When Aye Ri went back, everyone was gloomy and quiet. Aye RI couldn't understand. She broke the ice and interrogated about the matter. Lisa replied we had the wrong lead and the wrong culprit.

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Dr Abiodun Anifow...

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