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An observation...I woke up early, as usual. I wake three times in the night most times; 12 am, 3 am, and 5 or 6 am every day. I just skip a few days and sleep all through, but not all through_ I definitely wake up. Maybe at the most distant slightest buzz of a mosquito, I open my eyes.

Over time I've come to have a 6th sense. Just like my parents_ these days, my mother. I woke up to check my phone around 5. am. This was after I had woken around 3. am. Then I sat in the living room, struggling with my breath_I needed fresh air. My sinuses make me require fresh air. Then there was this mosquito that didn't let me be.

I often wonder what's with mosquitoes and ears_ What's with all these buzzing insects and the ears? So this mosquito didn't let me be just like the others every other day. I sought it so much; I used my torch, I used my hands, and yet it was so tiny it could be caught by chance. Soon I saw a spider, and I thought, 'What was going on?' 

This very morning seemed like it wanted to mar my day. Soon after the buzz ceased, the mosquito perch suddenly halted. For inquisitive reasons, not knowing what it was exactly I was looking for; I looked and saw the mosquito caught in this little spider's web. It was the end of the uncomfortable buzz around my ear and around me. The mosquito was webbed.

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