Wedlock Of The Gods

A contemporary love poem...If your father says no; I will live; If your mother says no; I won't leave;

If your father says no
I will live
If your mother says no
I won't leave

I will love you 
Like the sky is blue
I will fight for you
Like I was Uloko and Ugoma was you

Not a palm wine tapper
Nor a rapper
But I will be your Gangsta
And go any height to buy you a wrapper

But if they marry you to another
I will love you forever
But can I also get another
While I continue to love you forever?

Whatever you say
To me will unshakably stay
Just don't expect an Uloko
Out of me, unless you are Ugoma

For there is no longer
Wedlock of the gods any longer
So let us fight for our right
Before it is night

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