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Welcome To Nigeria.

An insightful poem into the current day problem in Nigeria...Welcome to Nigeria my dear country; I hail thee, a true giant of Africa, indeed; For what shall I say;

Welcome to Nigeria my dear country,
I hail thee, a true giant of Africa, indeed,
For what shall I say,
In a country where politicians drive in a fleet of Prado and Mercedes,
But the common man walks on foot cars and caprices,
And bullion vans drive past with bundles of lucre,
But the common man in the street is belly empty.

For what shall I say,
In a world where the law of gravity says,
What goes up must surely come down,
Oh! I see maybe the assembly is yet to read the law as bill,
In a country where the premium motor spirit goes up and never comes down,
Then Alas! We see petrol stations filling people up instead of filling tanks,
For what shall I say,
Of the queue that makes the common man looks like a refugee,
Only that instead of wound cuts they came with kegs and hopes of filling it,
And yet it lies beneath us in our ground deposits.

For what shall I say,
In a country where political campaigns remind me of the national festival,
Of course with a series of singing and drumming,
Shouting and dancing,
Brooms, umbrellas, and printed caps wavering,
Ending with a two thousand naira enveloped thanks for coming,
Is a free ticket to eight years of suffering.

For what shall I say,
In a country where four years admission letter is raised to power two,
Thereby reminding me of elementary mathematics in early school,
But only that here the other four is not an answer,
Rather than another four years of patience and strength,
Oh! Now I see it was an additional course we were supposed to learn.

I say welcome to Nigeria my dearest country,
Where the saying the rich get richer and the poor poorer,
Is aided by the politicians In disguise,
A classic modern-day robin hood opposite style,
Take from the poor and enrich the rich,
Where thus our taxes go if our roads still have potholes.

In all this is the common man's sanity toiled with,
For the common man who struggles and toils till,
Day and night in darkness and light,
All is a wasted effort and nothing to show for it,
In a country whose pride comes from killing the common man's dreams.

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