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Ofofon Godwin: Lately there have been reports around town about a group of four men that went about kidnapping people.

Authorities have made several attempts at apprehending them, but it always turns out abortive. They gave the authorities a tough time. On the news, it was stated that anyone that could help the authorities pin them down would be rewarded, but the region's inhabitants made no attempt. I'm Jefferson, sixteen years and a high school finalist. I never cared about the kidnaps until Merlina, my classmate and research partner, got kidnapped in my presence. Three days after the kidnap, Merlina was nowhere to be found and had to be replaced by another student.

On the news, the third day after Merlina's kidnap, two people were reported missing, and a corpse was found in front of a coffee stand. According to the Police, the victim's head was cut open, and it was suspected that her brain was plucked out. Parents of missing persons were asked to come for possible recognition, and just as I prayed against it, it wasn't Merlina. She possibly can't die before knowing I have a crush on her. The next day being Friday, it was confirmed that the body wasn't Merlina's.

It was crazy to think of launching a search on behalf of Merlina and other victims, but I took the decision. I wasn't going to inform the police or my parents; I was going to do a one-man squad search. I should have done something to stop the kidnaps earlier, but I was reluctant until the evening they kidnapped Merlina, my dear Merlina. Nightfall crept in, and I lay on my bed having flashbacks. From the day I got to read Merlina's mind to the memorable eye contact we've had to the day Merlina winked at me. I can clearly remember I blushed the whole day.

At exactly twelve in the morning, when everywhere was covered in total darkness, I crept out of my room unto the woods. Well, I can't remember what exactly happened, but I can remember running through scanty and thick forests until I got to a specially constructed building. I sniffed around and got even closer. I heard voices and soon picked on Merlina's scent. I howled out loudly, alerting the Kidnappers. This was going to be a war.

Someone broke out from the front door with a headlight and gun. At that instance, I attacked, tearing him right in the face. All three men remaining scrambled out and came at me, firing their guns. I became even more aggressive, and before I knew it, some of the captives escaped. After an hour of fighting, everywhere was calm except for the groans of the four men and whimpering that came from inside. I walked right inside.

"Please don't hurt me." That was Merlina; she had a wound on her leg and couldn't escape with the others. Some were chained down. I howled, and in split seconds I broke the chains. They got to their feet and ran off. I was left with Merlina, but I couldn't help her. I fell next to her, and she screamed. It was two o'clock already, and I was super exhausted. I was supposed to be home to avoid being caught, but since Merlina couldn't escape with the others, I had to stick with her until the police arrived, hopefully.

Slowly, I transformed back to a human causing Merlina to scream. I was totally naked with visible bruises all over me. From a distance, I heard sirens and screeching of tyres." Jeff?". Merlina called out in a Whisper on recognizing me.

"Shhhh. Calm, and don't tell anyone what happened here". I hushed and passed out. I woke hours later in the hospital surrounded by a handful of people. Cops, My parents, Merlina and her parents with other faces I couldn't recognize. Merlina rushed forward and held me in an embrace. "You're alive. I thought I had loosed you"." Did you tell anyone." I whispered." No."

I smiled weakly, and Merlina gave me a light kiss before my parents came forward. I was later discharged. The Kidnappers were arrested, put through necessary procedures, and jailed. Well, up till this minute, nobody knew that Merlina was gifted as well as other victims. Their brains were to be plucked out by the Kidnappers, who were core scientists and used to create robots just to secure Scientific awards.

For me, nobody knew I was a werewolf except Merlina, who had encountered the transformation. All thanks to the werewolf attack that took place years back, which was taken for a mere wolf attack. Maybe I'd solve that puzzle someday, but for now, I'm the region's undisputed superhero, Jefferson.

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