What A Day

It is a short story about how I met the love of my life...Oh what a day, the day I met Dayo looking so clean, neat, and handsome.

Dayo was one of the teachers that tutors us at the WAEC center. Mum had enrolled me into the lesson against my better judgment; mum doesn't listen to me anyway. The day I met Dayo, he was the tutor for chemistry, and chemistry was one of the subjects I hated; I entered the classroom from the back with a mixed expression. I looked up to see the tutor, and behold; he was this cute young guy, with neatly cut hair; oh God Dayo was tall, chocolate, and handsome, his smile lit up the whole room, and I found myself smiling at him.

When we locked eyes when the feeling was so magical. Dayo smiled at me, and I listened to practically all he said without taking my eyes off his face. Chemistry wouldn't be too hard, would it?!

We finished the lesson, and he walked out of the class in a calculated step. Everything about Dayo was so beautiful and magical. After the lesson, I saw Dayo talking to one of the students, and I walked passed them. "Good afternoon sir" I greeted, and the day didn't spare me a glance. Ouch! That hurts!

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