What A Human Tradition...!

This article laments on some human traditions that ought not to be so. Traditions that spends on/ care for the dead but ignores the living!

It amazes me when I see people spending huge amounts of money celebrating a deceased person but cannot spend a fraction of such amount of money on the person when he was alive. This heart-aching tradition spans many human cultures from Africa to Europe, From Asia to Australia, to the Americas. 

I have even seen many religious groups erroneously upholding such practices. Humanity entails taking care of the living and not the dead. As stated by an anonymous writer: " We often cry and mourn the dead but keep malice with the living. " Although the departure of a loved one is painful that can make one mourn bitterly, the question is that: have we taken care of the person when he/she was alive? I have seen many human traditions that ought not to be so!

What a human tradition...? You will see a person suffering from an illness that can be treated with adequate financial support, but oftentimes no one (including relatives) care to raise funds for the treatment of the ill person. But as soon as he/she is declared dead, people and relatives begin to contribute money for his/her burial arrangements, which oftentimes the amount realized is huge, even more than the amount that can be used for the treatment. Who bewitched humans like this?

What a human tradition...!

A person struggling to get what to eat eventually dies of starvation. No one care to assist him/her or to feed him. But as soon as he/she is declared dead, you will begin to see people gathering, bringing various food items to be cooked for "guests." Soon, the aroma begins to fill the surrounding of the deceased, who died of starvation. However, If they could have made such a gesture to gather and bring food to the deceased, he/she could not have died! What a human tradition that I have seen...! An elderly person died of loneliness when no one cared to visit and cheer him up. But as soon as he was declared dead, hundreds of people began trooping into his residence, which was made busy for over a week!

Hmmm! What a human tradition that cares and sacrifices for the dead more than the living...? A person who sacrificed a lot for you, but you never for once make him/her feel appreciated. Instead, you always make him/her feel so bad about himself/herself. But as soon as he/she is declared dead, you begin to flaunt social media pages with his/her praises, which he/she will never ever see it...! Why can't you take your phone and send a text message to that person that you know has influenced your life positively; why can't you genuinely celebrate him/her unexpectedly when he/she is still alive? It will definitely make him/her happy. Don't wait until he/ she is declared dead before you do that!

For sure most people are guilty of one or two of such traditions. This is because most of us opened our eyes and saw it that way and just thought that's the normal way. However, the fact that you spent donkey years doing something in a certain way doesn't mean you are doing it right, or it is right. Finding the truth and tuning with it is wisdom and profitable. You can change the tradition into a more profitable one for humanity. 

Jesus Christ was seen in the scriptures changing many human traditions upheld by the Pharisees and Jews; instead, he promoted those virtues and traditions that uphold the dignity of humanity. We, too, should follow in his footsteps, as he declared us the light and salt of the earth!

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