Anger Is Costly.

You should read this. I mean, read and enjoy. "Write this down, inspector. I murdered her but she was my life and she knows that I love her", he said with finality in his voice.

Some hours ago...****"Babe, guess what? I'm at your place!" Sheila shouted with visible and auditorial happiness. "Are you pranking me again?" Kai asked with sarcasm in his voice. " No. Not at all, babe. Seriously, I'm inside the kitchen cooking your favorite, and I really can't wait to see you. To confirm the authenticity of this news, I'll say something, and you prove me right, deal?" "Deal," he answered. " Okay, you changed your wardrobe, and Kitty has a new kitten...right?" "Oh my! Babe, you see me in five minutes, trust me..." Kai replied and hung up almost immediately out of eagerness. It's been just three weeks since she went on a business trip, and the joy of seeing her was incredible.

As if he had disappeared from wherever he was, Kai arrived as promised and rushed to the kitchen. Not seeing her there, he rushed to the visitors' lounge, but she wasn't there also. Now, where's Sheila? Dejectedly, he went into his bedroom, only to meet the biggest bewilderment of his day. She had decorated the room with roses and candles and lay quietly on the bed, dressed as a new bride.

Oh his god! What else could he have desired on a clumsy cold Friday night... This girl was a gift from above, given to cherish all of his life. Kai retired to the bathroom without saying anything, took his bath, and dressed lightly to soothe his bride's outfit. Gently, he lay on the bed beside her and murmured, " how I missed you, my Jewel." All she could utter was "mmmm" as she nudged beside him, inhaling his cologne. Kai broke the silence as he announced that they make a toast to her arrival. "Come, babe. Let's eat what you've prepared; it's been a while since I ate good food".

He carried her off the bed and placed her gently on the decorated chair.  After the sumptuous meal, eager to make the best of the night, quickly, he carried her back to the bed. While they were in the middle of a passionate display of sensations, her phone rang. She didn't expect that it would, but whoever was calling had certainly done the wrong thing. After the first attempt, hoping that was all, she quickly filled in the gap. Heaven knows who it was but whoever it was, was on her case. " Pick up, okay," he said. "I don't want to," she replied. " Then he must not call again," Kai warned. "Who said it's a he?" "I saw it. Don't lie any further." While they were talking, the phone rang again, and Kai spoke up angrily, "Tell your M.D that it's a goodnight, or I'll smash this phone right now. Isn't it enough that he took you away for three weeks? Earth knows what you did while you were together, and now that you are here, he should stop calling."

Sheila would have none of that, and she replied sternly, " I won't condole these insults, Kai." "You know yourself that I'm faithful to you. Please, reverse that statement ". " Oh, you think I don't know about the money, gifts, frames, cars, and other things he gave you on your birthday. You are just a greedy lady." "What? I? Greedy? Kai?" "Yes, I said that and would say more if you don't stop your infidelity." "That's enough, Kai. I'm leaving. I'm having none of this no more. I won't stand while you insult me without any feeling of guilt. Mtchheeww", Sheila replied, hissed and walked away.  "You won't go anywhere, and I'm serious about it." "Stop me if you can," she replied. "Sheila, come back here," Kai hurried after her while Sheila tried to move at a faster pace.

He caught up with her and held her by hand. "Leave me alone, Kai. Just let me go". "No, you ain't walking out on me. You are going nowhere, and that's it," he replied. "Kai, I know that you are angry. So, let me go, please". "No!" While they were arguing, she tried to free herself from his grip, but he flung her away, and she hit her head on the wooden table in the sitting room. "Stand up now, you infidel" She wasn't standing up, nor was she moving. "Sheila?" "Stand up, Sheila!" "Stop this prank of yours." "Okay, you can go, stand up, please." Sheila wasn't standing up; rather, she lay lifelessly on the floor. "Sheila, I'm sorry." "I know that I'm hot-tempered, but I shouldn't have flung you. Now you don't want to talk to me anymore". "I'll just call the doctor or no, I am one..."."Okay, the police will do. I should tell them that I killed you, right." "Okay, that's just what I'll do... You wait, right here for me."

As if spellbound, Kai went to his room to get his phone hurriedly, came back, and called the police, "Yes, my name is Kai, and I want to report a murder..." " Okay, Sheila, I called and reported already; what next? Sit here till they arrive..." Kai said fidgetingly. The police arrived at the crime scene, surprised to see him and the lifeless body. They handcuffed him and led him to the station. At the station...Kai would answer none of the questions posed to him but admitted to the murder.

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