What Are You Called To Do?

"Hello, Dad." "Hello, Dele. Is everything okay? You sound worried." "Dad, nothing is okay o ah. Dad, I can't stay here anymore.

I'm coming home immediately" "Ah, wait, o. Calm down. What happened?" "Dad, I told you I didn't like this school. So many things are happening here. Kidnappers everywhere. Students like me are missing. Even my roommate said to me he's one of the kidnappers. Ahh, I'm coming home."

(Paraphrased)That was the conversation between a father and his son, Mr. Adegbola and Dele. Dele got admission into a university. It was supposed to be a thing of joy, but it wasn't for him. And that was due to the crisis in the school at that time. Ranging from cultism to kidnapping and even ritual kîílïngs. His father encouraged him to go ahead and take the admission, but he wasn't okay with it. According to his father, he has taken several exams, but he wasn't good enough.

When he finally got to the school. The first thing he saw was "Missing students" pictures on the notice board. He went into an office for his registration; the last thing the man told him was, "if you brought yourself to this school, I'd suggest you head home immediately. The school is in a big mess." As if that was not enough. He entered his hostel room, and He met with a student drinking himself into a stupor out of frustration. The student was happy to have him. He was glad a light had found him. Immediately he saw Dele; he knew salvation had found him. While they were still talking, two other students walked him.

They were darkness. One was a fraudster, and the other was a ritualist. When it was known to Dele that he was actually in the midst of his fear, he took to his heel. His roommate was trying to make him stay, but nothing could stop him from running for his life. The guy watched his salvation walk out on him. Who is Dele?

He was only a teenager who his own stepmother molested for six straight years. That affected him academically and emotionally. That was before Christ found him. God used Mr.Martins to save him from the shackles of molestation. Soon Dele became a mighty arrow in God's hands. God used him to deliver his own father, A barrister, from depression. He went about preaching salvation.**** It was after he left the hostel he called his father, telling him he was coming home.

"Son, listen to me. God sent you to that school for a purpose, and you must listen to him." "Ahh, Dad. God won't send me into this Den. I can't stay here." "Don't be like Jonah. You may end up in the belly of a fish." "Dad, fish belly is better than this, Den." He left.

On his way, he met Kayode. A student who offered to accommodate him for the night. It was getting late, and it was a norm for the cultist is be on the move at times like that. Unknowingly to him, he had just walked into the belly of the fish. Kayode was one of the cultists. In fact, he was still yet to join, and he was asked to bring a human sacrifice. Unfortunately, he picked Dele. What a pity. You should go watch the movie. ABATTOIR

Many of us Christians are like that. We neglect our primary assignment, maybe due to fear or worries of life. My beloved, the day you gave your life to Christ, you are given light. And it is your responsibility to carry that light into darkness. Yes. When darkness sees the light, what happens? Darkness will disappear. Certain. You don't run from darkness. But when the devil sees that, your fear is bigger than your faith; he preys on that because that's the only key he has into your life. FEAR. HE HAS NOT GIVEN US THE SPIRIT OF FEAR BUT OF SOUND MIND.......

The scripture is sweet if you know it. Dear Christians, darkness is looming on every corner of the street of this country. What are you doing about it? Fold your arms in fear or shine that light? My message is simple. You must be hot for Christ, or else he will spit you out. So many lives are waiting for you to deliver them. Don't let their blood be on you.***

As for Dele, God was not done with him. Everything that happens in the life of a believer works for Good for him. It may not look good at the beginning but trust God; he alone knows the end and has seen how glorious it is. What happened when the ark of God was put in the same room with the idols of men? The Bible says the idols were found lying flat before the ark. That was it for Dele. Even though he disobeyed and left campus just like Jonah, that cost him a soul; that same night, his roommate was killed- he lost a soul. But he was kidnapped to save more souls. Hallelujah, What have you been called to do? I'm doing mine o. Using my writing skills to reach out to people. Hehehehe! Oh, you didn't notice it? My dear ❤️, God is counting on you.

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