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What Can Twenty Naira Do For You

"Daddy what will I buy with ₦20 (Twenty Naira)?", a child asked the father, grudgingly...If a child can ask such, what will be your thoughts?

'Is the child not appreciative?'
'Is ₦20 not enough for a child to spend
'What can I really buy with ₦20?'
'Does ₦20 still have value?'...

Hold it right there!
Enough of all your thoughts 😁.
Twenty naira still has great value.
Wondering what?
Here it is 🙂.

This currency can be a source of education for you if only you are willing to learn.
This currency has two pictures of notable personalities from Nigeria.
One is the picture of General Murtala Rufai Ramat Muhammad, the then military head of state of Nigeria from 1975 to 1976. He created the following states
Bauchi, Benue, Borno, Imo, Niger, Ogun and Ondo.

The second picture is that of Hadiza Ladi Kwali, a gifted potter whose works gained international recognition thereby making her the pioneer of African ceramic art modernism.
All this information acquired from pictures in the twenty naira note? Of course! Pictures can educate as well. 🙂

Now you know that you are not just holding or giving out a ₦20 currency but what you have is a source of information. 🙂
So when you give someone the twenty naira note and you are asked, "What can ₦20 do for me?"
What will be your response to the person? 🙂

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