What Do We All Share As Humans?

I know we all share a dark complexion, or maybe you're light in complexion. It is already established that at least we have something that we can group ourselves into at each point in time, it could be our love for chocolate, yeah did I just get you screaming whoo yah! Or is it our longing for a better life and a great job, that nice car, the lovely kids and family we want to build? They are more than just fantasies, it's a desire and we share these desires, we all do. But what major thing do we share but we never get to talk about it with friends and family? Read on, to find out...

The year 2021 was a wonderful year; the COVID 19 pandemic had just reached a stage where it could be managed effectively by most countries. The biggest sports event in the world is the Olympics. Its 2020 edition, which was postponed due to the effects of the global pandemic, had kicked off in Tokyo, Japan, still retaining its initials of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. One must say it was a great event to watch and relax, but just a few days into the global event, one of the most decorated athletes of the sport, "Simone Biles," a nineteen-time world gold medalist and five-time world all-around champion, had something to say after quitting the Olympic games and everyone listened.

But what did she say?

"I feel like it's hard, but it's harder being a female athlete because everybody prays for your downfall and wants you to mess up and all of that stuff," Biles said. "I don't think they take into consideration our mental health because what we do isn't easy, or else everybody could do it. But also, at the end of the day, we're not just athletes or entertainment. We're human, too, and we have emotions and feelings and things that we're working through behind the scenes that we don't tell you guys about. And so, I just think it's something that people should be more aware of." - Simone Biles. Well, you have read her story, what about yours?

Mental Health is a concern for every human being, we wake up some days with this vibe to get the day started with exciting activities all lined up, and some days we all wake up from the bed and decide not to do those exciting stuff - but why? Your Mental Health is your entire function; if it's not on the right track, it can lead to your breakdown. Mental Health is very dear to us all, and we must guard it with all that we can muster within us. Mental Health, if not maintained positively, can hamper our progress in lives endeavor, our places of work, and in schools as we commute and communicate with others...

In addition, we all have to pay attention to how we feel about things we normally used to find fun sometimes doing; it's deeper than just outgrowing your favorite game or activity as a child. Negative mental health can lead to a total abandonment of things, a fun-filled lifestyle, exciting adventures, and self-discovery. Good mental health can afford you Peace, a vibe for life, and all the goodness you seek to have in life.

So What Can We All Do?

We can all do these seven activities to help us keep our mental health instability.

No one has a static mental health state or condition; every once in a while, it tends to vary. It is a responsibility that we must take to identify when we are in that zone and act swiftly. So what can we do then?

  1. Be Nature's Friend: Did you set your gaze at the stars recently? In the modern world today, everything is designed to drain you mentally. I guess you have watched lots of movies in a day, but when was the last time you took a walk down the street on a lovely evening, by yourself, with a friend, with your wife, husband, and kids. Go away from the noise in your neighborhood and drive down to that garden and take a stroll; go to a park and be there for a while. In calmness is the brain refreshed and set to develop new ideas.
  2. Please smile and laugh: Smiling is an attractive trait; it connects you to marvelous people; take some time out to laugh at jokes and put a smile on someone's face by smiling. It is a great attribute to have as a human being.
  3. Monitor your unproductive social media use: Today, with the level of internet access and the digital revolution in the nation; we have so many consumers of the social network. Spending lots of hours on our phones and computer screens doing nothing but chatting. Put your use in check.
  4. Speak up: Simone Biles spoke up; today, we have had various high-profile athletes coming up to stay along. Tell someone you can trust about it before it becomes worse and very difficult for you to handle.
  5. Pray: The effects of prayer can not be over-emphasized; we pray when we are in need of strength, hope, assurance, and guidance. God is always ready to help us out of any situation we find ourselves in.

In conclusion, Simone Biles is not the only one; she shares a mental health struggle experience that most of us have, but we can't talk about it because we have this notion of what would they say about us when I say this; we should also think about what they won't say. You can never predict when it's going to come and how it's going to come; you could be washing the dishes, playing with a couple of friends, or on duty at the office, etc.

Simone biles wrote:

"I went to do a floor pass, and I just got lost in the air, and I was like, 'OK, it was a fluke.' Didn't do anymore," So it can happen anytime, and it's best we protect ourselves by focusing on our mental health.

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