What Do You Stand For?


Kingsley, a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering after his service, decided to fix people's spoilt touch, phones, watches, chargers, and other fixable gadgets since the job was not forthcoming. One day, his friend came and saw him fixing those things;

Gabriel: Guy sup? wetin you dey do so?

Kingsley: My guy, as you can see, I dey fix them for my neighbors, make I use am keep myself busy

Gabriel : (Laughed at him) You no well, so after five years of being in school, one year of service na here you wan waste your destiny? Your mate's dey work for Shell, NNPC, CBN na touch you see to work. C'mon, guy, what an insult! See, I saw one advert from one of these prestigious companies that's why I'm here, so we can go check it out. Abeg, go inside and dress so we can move fast; as for this nonsense you're fixing here, don't try it where you see me.

They left for the interview before they arrived; it was taken from there, and they began to carry files from one company to another. That is how one year passed without any achievement. Kingsley was tired of carrying files and decided to start up a P.O.S business after discussing it with one of his friends, Bernard. Bernard discouraged him and told him P.O.S is for school cert holders nah and moreover, is even everywhere, don't waste your time there.

Bernard: Guy, there's this online investment I'm into; nah, you sign up with 5k and refer just five persons; your 50k is assured, just like that, at the comfort of your home.

That's why you have a smartphone, guy; you cannot have a smartphone and not be smart nah, wise up, bro (They don wash im brain again 😥). He signed up, and six months have gone no payment. Another of his guy told him that one don cast since nah.

There's one I'm using to eat now, see I've changed my phone. They launched this one just last two weeks, so it's paying full time; I received my 40k yesterday, you just registered with 2k, and withdrawal is every day. He used his last card and registered for this one again. Las las non favored him. That's how Kingsley wasted two good years achieving nothing because he didn't have a stand. Fiction * * * * * * * * * * *

So many of you are like Kingsley being tossed around; everything goes in. So, is it now a crime to do a menial job as a graduate? So learning handwork/skills after school is now a waste of destiny? Are you waiting for a white-collar job? My people wake up from your sleep and face reality; this is Naija. Let's get it right. You and I know how difficult it is to get a job in Nigeria unless you have like ten legs to get there. So do not fold your hands and wait for the white-collar job to knock at your door; you can start up little things for yourself and when you start. Shut your ears to Kingsley's friend-like kind of advice.

Know where you stand and stand for it. Why someone will come from nowhere and ask you to stand, you stand, ask you to sit, you sit, is because you don't stand for anything. Please, in your pursuit in life, know where you stand. In your career, have a stand. In your faith, know what you believe. So that you won't fall for everything


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