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What Every Child Must Know Before 18+

This is article is for everyone irrespective of the age. Please find time to read and drop your criticism/opinion about the article. This article will come in chapters, please follow me for more updates on the subject matter.


Information alone is not powerful, but the application of information received. When one receives information and uses it, the purpose of releasing it has been achieved.

Most adults today live from hand to mouth because most of them do not apply information received from either their parents or teachers at the early stages of life.

To help our children avoid mistakes made by most parents and make them battle-ready for life's challenges constitutes the major reason for this article "WHAT EVERY CHILD MUST KNOW BEFORE 18+". 

This article will come in chapters; each chapter will treat a particular problem and how to solve it. Please follow me to get all the updates as I drop them. I will equally appreciate your criticism or opinions in the comment section. Thanks.....IBEH SIMON O 



Procrastination has different definitions based on one's perspective, like "the gap between intention and actions," "Lazy man apology," and "A thief of time," but according to English Dictionary; "It is the act of postponing, delaying or putting-off, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness."

From the above definition, one can pinpoint major reasons why people procrastinate. It is no longer a new thing in society because both old and young procrastinate at one point in time. A child or anyone that want to make a difference in society; and be one of the path-finders for others must not fall 100% victim to procrastination.

Research carried out by Early Child Development (ECD) has shown that children in their early years have a sharp and retentive brain. Based on the research findings, children generally learn very fast at this early stage of life, like saying after their parents or siblings and how they do things. In this stage of life, they would like to practice whatever they had learned from their parents or siblings. Parents and siblings need to exhibit habits that will curtail procrastination in these young ones for them not to be engulfed by the procrastination web. This is a habit every child MUST learn how to handle and control; to achieve his/her life dreams on time.


There are many causes of procrastination, but for this work, we will be looking at the major causes of procrastination as it affects mankind.

1. POOR PARENTAL CARE: Recently, most parents are after wealth and fame, thereby relegating all their housework to the hired maid. The maid has limited knowledge about the child and family ideologies. Relegating all the duties to the maid is not good, especially in this computer age. Poor parental care has created a vacuum of not identifying behavioral changes among the kids, which becomes habitual if action is not taken. Children who do not share quality time with their parents are more likely to procrastinate and become lazy because most house chores are done by their maids. In most cases, these maids are warned never to beat the child by their employer, which they must obey or lose their employment. Children who do not part take in house chores become not only lazy; they also become ignorant of how it is being done, which affects them in the future.

2. POOR TIME MANAGEMENT: Poor Time management will not only make one develop procrastination habits; it will also rob one's valuables like money (a popular adage "time is money"), missing an important meeting, flight, appointment, etc. In order not to be engulfed by the web of procrastination, one must (both young and old) put aside "African Time Mentality" and be more timing at all times. It is better to be 30 minutes earlier than a minute late in dealing with time issues.

3. PEER GROUPS: According to Dictionary.com, "peer group is a group of people (both young and old) usually of similar age, background and social status, with whom a person associates and who are likely to influence the person's beliefs and behaviors."

Like the adage, "show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are." A procrastinator will always associate with fellow procrastinators because iron sharpens iron; birds of the same feathers flock together. A young child aspiring to be great in the future must put the brain to work and dissociate himself/herself with visionless and directionless friends. One good thing about God is that "He gave each and every one of us power of discernment; to discern what is good and bad." With this gift of discernment, we don't need a prophet to tell us when we do anything wrong or right, for our conscience will always let us know.

4. LOW SELF CONFIDENCE: People with low self-esteem/confidence are likely to procrastinate due to the fear of criticism, failure when they attempt a new thing, and many more. Self-confidence is an extremely important aspect of success in both personal and business life. This is where some difficulty can arise in a detached self-assessment of what actions need to be taken to stop procrastinating. A child or anyone who understands how he/she can minimize excuses or lack of taking action is important towards achieving greatness in the future.

5. INDECISION: Indecision breeds delay in completing a task or project, which in turn results in procrastination. It is a big challenge for both young and old. A person who cannot take his/her decision is like a scalar quantity (living a directionless and purposeless life). This group of persons belongs to "O YES MEMBERS" in society, and they can hardly contribute to society.

6. ENVIRONMENT: Environment is simply the natural world or ecosystem. The environment where a child or anyone found his/herself contributes to the lifestyle of that child/person. If a child/person lives in an environment where people procrastinate and do other unlawful activities, chances are there that the child/person will learn from the environment and be like one of them.

7. LAZINESS: Laziness is the quality of being lazy. A lazy person (child) is unwilling to do work or make an effort. When a child allows the spirit of laziness to take charge, procrastination is inevitable because laziness is the mother of procrastination. 

Generally, there is no single type of procrastinator, but each instance of procrastination is due to either of the following;

a. Chronic procrastinators: Having perpetual problems finishing tasks.

b. Situational procrastinators: Delaying a task based on the task itself.

The type of person with a high level of impulsive behavior and lacks of Self-control and discipline are likely to procrastinate more than those with a higher level of trait development. We constantly find ourselves in either of the two (chronic/situational), but the ability to take action is what makes the difference in executing a task on time.


The following tips, when put into practice, will help you get back on track and stop putting things off:


Holy Bible is a complete book with solutions to challenges we may encounter in life. When one studies the Bible daily and obeys the principles thereof, it will give the person insight into how to overcome any challenge that may arise. Making a habit of putting things off is related to having a lack of self-control, and remember that self-control, or temperance, is among the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:23). We can only learn to live in spirit when we study and obey God's word. The Scriptures teach us that while Satan can control our flesh, our spirit can rise above Satan and take back control of our flesh. In Proverbs 18:9, the Bible tells us, "He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster." Procrastination is not only a thief of time but also a destroyer of blessings. It is capable of robbing one of self-confidence, money, and personal peace of mind. Remember that anytime you put off for tomorrow what you can do today, you are actually overloading your tomorrow and throwing away an important part of today.

You are also putting off your own blessings, demonstrating a lack of self-control, and choosing not to exercise power over your flesh. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that enables us to overcome our weak flesh, which can only be acquired by studying and obeying God's word. Make it a point of daily duty to study and obey God's word. God bless you abundantly as you do so in Jesus' name, amen.


Praying helps us to draw strength from God. In 1 John 15:5, the Bible tells us that "….without God we can do nothing," including overcoming procrastination. There is nothing we can do if the grace of God is not with us. Trying to overcome procrastination without inviting God through prayers is a wasteful venture because the grace to overcome is not there. Just like "faith without work is dead (James 2:14-26)," praying alone without backing it up with actions cannot give the desired result, which is to overcome procrastination. When you pray and do what you ought to do in a day, God will help you to stop putting things off.


Lack of proper time management constitutes 70% of why people procrastinate at one point in time. Proper time management has to do with proper planning and organizing how to divide your time between specific activities in a given period of time. Good time management helps you to achieve more in little time and save yourself the stress associated with deadlines. All human nature gets the same 24 hours; why do some people achieve so much more with their time than others? The answer simply lies in how well they manage their time. Effective time management helps you to work smarter rather than harder. This effective management can only be achieved by preparing "day-to-day do lists" or "daily timetables." This timetable will serve as a guide for you to work with the little time available for productive results. Benefits associated with proper time management are endless, but to mention few of them like;

I. Working smartly and beating deadlines

II. Make you feel proud of your achievements

III. Greater productivity and efficiency within a short time

IV. Gives you a better professional reputation

V. Gives you greater opportunities to achieve your life goals on time

VI. Improves your self-confidence etc.

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Overcoming procrastination has to do with learning the basic skills of managing time effectively.


When a project or task seems overbearing or boring, procrastination often follows. Breaking a project/task into smaller, more manageable parts will get you started towards accomplishing the project/task on time without much stress. For example, a person that wants to build a house; suppose to analyze the cost of building the house and know what it will take to complete the building. The analysis will help him to understand the nature of the challenges he is going to face when he gets started and possible means of overcoming them.

Before I wrote this book, "WHAT EVERY CHILD MUST KNOW BEFORE 18+," I first jotted chapter headings, identified each chapter, figured out the number of pages each chapter may contain, and I committed to writing a chapter at a time. The result of my effective planning and organizing of the work gives birth to the book you are reading right now. You, too, can develop a pattern of breaking down your project into smaller parts and live above putting things off.


Our body is made up of different parts and organs. Each part plays an important role in completing a daily task. No one knows it or has it all in life; at one point in time, we need our fellow human beings to achieve our goals. Getting good partners with the same mindset will go a long way in accomplishing a more tedious task on time. In the game of soccer, all the players in the team work towards achieving the same goal, "which is to win the match," and when they win, the credit goes to the team. The result will always have it that "Chelsea beat Manchester United," may be 2:1 or vice versa. It can never be said that "Victor Moses as a Chelsea player beat Manchester united" as a team. 


Forgive yourself about the past and stop the blame game if you want to forge ahead. Erase the thought of "I should have started earlier" or "I always procrastinate." Thoughts like that will only worsen the matter. Research has shown that forgiving your past mistakes will help you to stop putting things off for tomorrow. You can turn your past procrastination into your own advantage by avoidance of what led to the previous act like fear, stress, not having proper knowledge on how to progress, lack of self-confidence, etc

.......to be continued in CHAPTER TWO. Please follow me to get all the updates, and don't forget to SHARE this article with your friends and family members to learn from it as well.

Thanks......IBEH SIMON O.

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