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What Every Child Must Know Before 18+ (chapter Two)

Continuation of what Every Child Must Know Before 18+... CHAPTER TWO is loaded (PEER PRESSURE).

According to dictionary.com, a "peer group is a group of people usually of similar age, background, and social status, with whom a person associates and who are likely to influence the person's beliefs and behaviors." Peer group is no longer a new thing to us. Everyone in the world belongs to a peer group, and they are not only for children. The size of a peer group varies depending on where the individual finds him/herself and his/her environment. Peer groups are made up of individuals, and as an individual, you have the right to have your own opinions, to associate, to worship, feel safe, etc., which qualifies you to belong to a group.

These peer groups have the power to shape a child's future either positively or negatively, depending on whom the child associates with. That's one of the reasons all hands must be on deck to avert dangers emanating from peer groups. Whenever we talk of peer groups, what comes next to mind is peer group pressure (PGP). Peer group pressure (PGP) is a powerful tool, and it has the power to influence the way the child dresses, behaves, thinks, the way the child lives his/her life in the future, and the kind of adult the child becomes.

PGP is of two types: positive peer group pressure (PPGP) and negative peer group pressure (NPGP). Parents ought to make it a point of duty to know the kind of peer groups the child associates with in school, church, and community. Positive peer group pressure (PPGP) is the type of peer group that gets people involved in the things they can feel proud of and good about themselves. The one posing great danger both to the family and society at large is Negative peer group pressure (NPGP). It's the one we hear most often because of its negative effects on the family and society at large. This is exactly where all the parents and guardians should pay the utmost attention because of its negative impacts on the lives of the child. They say "iron sharpens iron" and "birds of the same feather flock together." 

Children are good learners at an early age, and to avoid the child learning what will tarnish his/her image and that of the family at large from the peers he/she associates with, parents and guardians should monitor the child to make sure the child learns something that will make him/her be exactly what God has destined for him/her in life. Whenever you notice any dubious or change in character from a child, don't hesitate to call the child to order and give necessary punishments equivalent to the action, whether it is your biological child or not. When we refuse to train a child, the untrained child becomes a problem to you and your trained child. No one is perfect all the time, but everyone needs to be able to recognize a situation that could lead to trouble or danger. Make out time to visit the child's class teachers because they are their second parents, and they spend the most time with them. Ask the class teacher questions about the child's character in class and school work. These will enable you to ascertain useful information about the kind of life he/she lives in school. 

On several occasions, call all the children and have family meetings with them and let them know they need them not to allow their peers to influence their lifestyle and behavior. Illustrate your points with stories because it will make the meeting more interesting, and they will be absorbed and pay maximum attention to it. Caution them not to accept gifts and snacks from strangers and their peers at school. Many children have been lured into the satanic kingdom by accepting gifts and snacks from their peers. Let the child know the implications involved in serving the devil and the need for them not to fall victim by living their lives according to God's principles. Hint the type of peers they should be associating themselves with anywhere they find themselves.


The child should associate with peers that will make him/her:

 Learn how to respect/her elders

 Have a positive mental attitude (PMA)

 Say good things about others

 Be serious with his/her studies

 Accept people's differences

 Worship God in heart and spirit

 Dress decently

 Care about the safety and feelings of others

 Have self-confidence

 Not to insult or bully others

 Love one another as they love themselves

 See themselves as future great men and women


The child should keep at a distance any peers that will make them;

 Not to have respect for his/her elders

 Not to be law-abiding

 Not to associate with peers that see bullying, threatening, harassing others, calling people names, being rude, and bad-mannered as a hobby. 

 Last but not least is that they should know that children (peers) who do things that make others feel bad or get into trouble are not good friends, and they should not go close to them at all.

Thanks for reading. Please follow me for updates on the subject matter. The next chapter is going to be loaded.


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