What I Didn't Know Chapter 3

(read old posts for past chapters)Nathaniel was in front of the house, trying to feed his dog.

I opened the gate; both the dog and his owner looked up at me. His dog, Val, wasn’t a fan of mine when Nathan moved here last year, the highlight of all my years. He left Nathan’s side to mine. I smiled’’. Hi, Val’’. He walked around me as I ran my hands around his fur. ‘’This ode, this is your almost here abi’’. He laughed, calling me out on my tardiness.

‘’This stupid guy’’. I looked up at Nathaniel. Occasional insults were our thing. ‘’In my own house, you’re insulting me?’’. He laughed’’. I’ll just tell my dog to bite your tiny chicken legs’’. Eh’’. I bet he won’t. He hugged me before we walked inside. Nathaniel lived the right life, alone as his parents were abroad and he was an only child, very lucky. If his parents knew of the stories in this very house, the girls, the parties, everything, they would ground him for life. The guy loved the independent life.

The kitchen was in a mess, as usual. ‘’Em Titi’’. He called out with a smile, then gestured towards the sink’’. How far?’’. Pay me 10k, and I’ll help you clear your kitchen’’. I decided not to help him for free like other times. He chuckled at my offer’’. Eh, just make me ATM and be collecting money from me anyhow now’’. C’mon, would you keep quiet?’’. I laughed at him’’. If you don’t give me the money, what will you use it for?’’. Shut up’’. He playfully said, dumping a bowl in the sink’’. There are a million things I could use the money for.

‘’I can’t believe you’re leaving tomorrow’’. I pouted, leaning on the counter. He was going to Canada to study for his master's. Although it was annoying that he was a year ahead of me, I was still proud of Nathaniel for moving on with his life. He was the kind to give up without trying, doing everything for his parents but for once, he seemed excited for his one-year trip abroad, perhaps because of the girls here. Just say you’ll miss me’’. He approached me. I grimaced’’. Me? Miss you? Iyama’’. He chuckled and ran his hands into my hair’’. Chai, the amount you guys spend on this human hair.

Ah, it’s my real hair now’’. I lied, but the smile gave me away. He smiled’’. Your hair is short and stubborn, like you’’. He said, laughing, and then I pinched his hand. ‘’How much is this one?’’. He asked. 35k’’. I answered, pulling the dark double-drawn wig off. He laughed’’. Chai. Assuming I have a babe, I’ll be wasting money on another person’s hair in India’’. He looked down at me and then sighed’’. I’ll miss you sha’’. For a second, he looked very serious.‘’But there will be finer girls there sha’’. He laughed. Normal Nathaniel was gone now. So, I’ll be replaced’’. I said with a pout’’. I thought I was the prettiest girl, you know’’. I winked at him, and he nodded with a smile playing on his lips’’. The prettiest, the sexiest, most amazing. Na you’’.

I nodded at him with a smile’’. Good boy’’. Then he stared at me and then exhaled’’. You know, I wished things were different’’. How different?’’. I asked, even going as far as to trace the hair on his eyebrows. ‘’Like between us’’. When he said that, I looked at him. ‘’Like the right things should have happened’’. He explained’’. Should have done some things, shouldn’t have stayed away…’’. I’m confused’’. I told him, and He sighed; I could tell that it was too hard for him to explain. ‘I just loved things, to be clear. Last time, he was so intoxicated, and we made out, went extreme, and if not for a call from my mother the second time, I would probably have been pregnant; who knows?

‘’Oh’’. He exhaled, stretching his hands on the counter, coming closer, and it was like understanding hit me hard. He was talking about our relationship. ‘’You know, it’s very easy for me to get with another girl, use the right words, and do the right thing’’. He said. Girls were swooning over Nathaniel, and he always knew what to say. Jaja called it a superpower. But with you, I swear I’m just confused’’. His fingers trailed by my neck, and I chuckled softly’’. Remember the hickey you gave me’’. He laughed too. ‘’You did that effortlessly’’. I told him. ‘’I was drunk’’. He justified ‘’As every other time in your life’’. I completed, and he laughed’’. Lies. I’m not always drunk’’. 

I had stared at those lips all my life and didn’t want them on me, but today was different. I wouldn’t see his lips or the owner for a long while. When he kissed me, I felt different, different from the last time. Then I began to kiss him back, throwing out the fact that we were “Just friends. I wondered why I had stayed so long being friends with him and not giving away my fantasies since the last time it happened. He straightened up and pulled me closer by the waist, kissing me deeper, diving deeper into my lips.

I muttered against his lips’’. Someone could come in’’. My anxiety speaking, mentally imagining my mother stepping in. He chuckled’’. So cute’’. Then his lips met my neck; it made me crazy, breathless, a horny piece of wreck. He placed me gingerly on the bed while I kissed him. His hands pulled my dress over my head. His eyes briefly looked at my dark bra before running his hands over it. I felt uneasy yet electrified. Antsy for what was going to happen, scared. A lot of emotions ran through me. But I knew I wanted it. I was done fronting that I didn’t want him. I wouldn’t have this opportunity again.

Before I knew it, clothes were sprawled around us. Our naked bodies are on the bed, moving in sync. Nothing was awkward, nothing at all. We both knew what to do. I know how people were like their first time wasn’t so good, but this is all I could ask for. The awkward feeling wasn’t in the air; it was like it was bound to happen. He was good; I expected it, but not this much. Sex was something I had always wanted to experience, heard so many stories. Now I had my own. Now that it has happened, hopefully, my mother will pay attention to me once she finds out. She’ll kill me.

He kissed me before standing up, probably to attend to his barking dog. I closed my eyes and uttered the word’’ Shit’’. It was painful, no doubt; I couldn’t explain how I felt. Freedom, pain, embarrassment, and fear all rolled up in me. I peeled off the towel and stepped into the shower. It wouldn’t be the first time I showered in his house. I closed my eyes and let the memories flood in as the water hit my hair. A girl’s first time. When I got out, I dressed up and paced around the room. Drugs’’. I gasped, realizing I had to take drugs after the sex. I knew all of this from Jaja. I rushed to the drug cabinet after dressing up, hoping I would see drugs there. I silently thanked God when I saw Postinor.

It was already dark outside. Nathaniel and I walked hand in hand to his car. I don’t know if it was just that he felt awkward; he seemed pretty cool. I thought about the case_ What if now that he had his way with me, he was done with me? We won’t be friends or anything more. I became scared, scared of losing my true friend. Worse, I was scared of casting. “Casting” to me refers to blowing overnight for something that shouldn’t have gone out or isn’t true. Nathaniel wouldn’t be the type to tell people gist that wasn’t their concern. I unconsciously sighed; I guessed that’s why he looked at me. He narrowed his brows, and I quickly looked away.

What’s wrong?’’. He asked. I shrugged’’. Nothing’’. He knew better than anyone that I was such an awkward person. He released a laugh and then held me by her shoulders’’. Before what happened just now, you could tell me anything. You spit out nonsense most of the time’’. I had to smile because it was true. So, what’s wrong?’’. He asked. I had to ask’’. Will things change between us? Because of this? Do I have to worry about what people will say?’’. People?’’. He spoke of it like it was foreign’’. It’s none of their business. I won’t tell anyone and as for speaking of this again, do you want us to forget about what happened? Anything you want’’. He shrugged’’. I just want you to be comfortable’’.

’Comfortable? We just had sex in your house’’. My mind screamed, but I smiled at him and moved my gaze away. I thought about it. He was going to Canada. There was no point in thinking of the future. There was none. I cursed the timing. I was “fronting” for so long. Nathaniel and I would have made a couple of goals. Everyone said it whenever we took a picture, whenever we were together. ‘’I can’t forget about it’’. I honestly told him’’. You were my first’’. I whispered that part’’. But I’m cool’’. I smiled at him’’. Anything is fine. We will always be friends’’. He took a deep breath’’. It’s your fault for being so attractive’’. I nodded and flipped my hair to a side’’. Obviously’’. One minute we were smiling at each other; the other, we were making out by his car. I had minded kissing a boy on the same estate my parents lived. I better stop’’. He said against my lips’’. Before we end up_’’. He didn’t finish his statement, but I knew what he meant. He kissed me again, not following his word. Em….’’.

I shouldn’t have turned back. Kunle stood there with a smile on his face. I looked back at Nathaniel. This is awkward, I thought. Are you ready to go?’’. Kunle asked. Nathaniel sighed, then looked back at me’’. I’m going to Freda’s house with Kunle’’. ‘’I see’’. I answered. ‘’I’ll call you when I get back’’. He told me. I nodded before pulling him into a hug. Tears gathered up in my eyes; of course, I was emotional. I wouldn’t see Nathaniel for a long time. ‘’Bye’’. I said quietly before moving past him. I heard Nathaniel ask Kunle why he didn’t greet me. I couldn’t care less.

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