What I Think About This Garden Of Eden, Nigeria.

What do you think of the next Nigeria?..."Nigeria is the worst country ever"; "It's the pinnacle of evil";" It's riding on the wings of terrorism";

"Nigeria is the worst country ever"
"It's the pinnacle of evil".
" It's riding on the wings of terrorism".
She has dipped her hand into bloodshed".
"She does not care about us at all".
" She is the sit of the Devil".
"Nigeria? It's the most impoverished country in the world. Broke world record".
" This country is just backward..."

Yes! Yes! And No!
Okay, I understand that you want to pour out your mind. Yeah, I get it. You also want to have a say in this matter. Well done, a great citizen of our fatherland.

What are you doing currently? Nigeria may seem impoverished or poverty infested or full of all the bad things that you can ever imagine, we do not still look at the past to determine the present. Neither, can the present be a representation of tomorrow.
Do you want to run? Yeah, run. Disappear.

At some point, I was so scared of sleeping because ot the concurrent anomalies in the country. If I see you with any sharp object, I'd become a ghost. I'll stay still and let you pass while I'm praying in my heart that you'll not be possessed by the spirit of violence.
You sure think we are joking but these things can cause some health issues if you are not truly rugged.

However, however, I still believe.
My God! Some people don't even like the word "believe". 
Wait, what is Nigeria without the people?
It is in this country that some people broke the world record. It is in the same country that we bare both good and sad news everyday.
We do not make a mockery of those who have lost their lives.

However, I believe, that the only way to justify the myriad of death tolls that we are still counting in our dear country, is by believing in a better Nigeria.

If you don't know what to say when there's a national issue, don't say bad things. Whether you believe it or not, your words have effects.
Instead, stand strong and believe.

More so, if you do your job well, you'll make Nigerians and Nigeria proud. Kudos to Madam Tobi Amusan and the other Ladies.

If you do the right thing, Nigeria will get better.

To be continued...
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