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"what I Want" (1)

When someone wants to change the narrative...Didi made some junk food. It was her favorite; more so, she had this habit of doing junk food always.

Living in an environment where she always subconsciously knew she was judged for being a woman, Didi became withdrawn. It was not as though she didn't have the training she needed; she just bounced it.

After Didi's father died, things turned around. The once confident woman shrunk. Didi stopped talking; much_her smile was just wry and not heartfelt. It was because she was biased about what she wanted to do next with her life. The typical Nigerian mother had to drum it into her ears that she needed to get married_She was now 26yrs.

"Marriage is not my thing now, mum." That was always the reply. This outburst happened one day; Didi didn't mean for it to come out wrong, but it did. Her reply was resounding; "I'm still healing from your mistakes, mum." I cannot get married to an incomplete woman and still be an incomplete mother to my children; let me be. Didi wanted to have a confectionery company_ sometimes, she felt like a failure at 26; other times, she felt so on track; at least she had the blueprint of what she wanted in her life;

It was just that she needed to know where to start to pull off this dream of hers. Junk food became a habit because she was stressed at times; it was her way to ease off. Junk food, lots of biscuits, and candy became her safe place, though eating unhealthy food was not anywhere near safe. It was stress that led her down the lane. But Didi had to turn her pain into passion.

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