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What I Want (2)

Changing the narrative; when life happens to you by chance and its exactly what you want

Every time someone visited Didi _she made what she knew best, Things that kept her happy, the least to say, or something she was fond of. Didi liked to make 'parfait'. She made it so well that it seemed professional with various toppings. The idea of toppings came from her so many times of experimenting with waffles and cereals and so many other things she could lay her hands on. It was her way of warding off her issues momentarily.

Soon her friends began to visit randomly, not because they actually wanted to give her a friend visit. There were so many recommendations for Didi's parfait and her homemade confections. From neighbors to colleagues to extended family members. One day, it was an acquaintance's birthday, someone who knew someone else who had Didi's contact. She was to make parfait and homemade cookies. The same day Didi was supposed to meet a man that her mother knew from a family friend; since Didi had finished school, she hadn't really had a good office job.

Didi was almost impossible for people around her; No one could understand the fact that Didi loved the small-scale job she was doing, with all the certificates she had garnered. She said a standard job would take away her time and her space; obviously, to people, Didi was confused and unserious with life. She didn't want marriage; She didn't want to work in a standard place_ she dreaded office shirts and laptops. She just wanted to be free; she wanted to be her full self.

The man was going to offer 'Didi' a professional job_ Didi's mother told her it was the opportunity of her life, but also Didi knew she couldn't disappoint for the birthday party. After Didi told her mother, she had a certain kind of engagement that day to make cookies and parfait. It was a blast because Didi's mother told Didi straight up, "It is obvious that you don't want to do anything reasonable in your life."

At least I have a husband and children; at your age, I was pregnant with my 4th child. Didi replied amidst a shaky voice and holding back tears_ Mummy; you cannot understand what I want. Her mum shot back with,' You don't know what you want. She cut the phone afterward.

A few days passed, and Didi prepared everything she needed for the birthday party. Stuff for per fait and Stuff for cookies as well. Didi had to experiment with a lot of toppings. She had to make the cookies exceptionally_It was the only thing that made her happy at the moment_ she put everything she had into making it. At the birthday party, Didi perfectly put things into place. The arrangements were attractive, with diverse options of cookies and parfaits, The disruption Didi had was that she kept on having incessant calls from her mother all through the party.

She almost didn't concentrate on anything that happened at the party until a text finally popped up on her phone; It was mummy's Text that said: I was calling to let you know he didn't come today eventually, so you won't bother coming. She heaved a sigh of relief. At least she could concentrate on the party and actually have one of her parfaits and cookie, too_ while listening to secret reviews when people have their bites. It was good reviews all through, majorly.

Five days after the party_ Didi got a phone call; it was a start-up confectionary business, and they wanted Didi to work with them; while she made her signature parfait as well, with a 50_50 share in the company, Didi cut the phone and thought of it a while. She went straight to where she was going to have proper discussions about the offer and made sure she concluded with them.

Didi remembered at that point how she was told she was unserious with life, How all these happened by chance, and how she wanted something no one else could understand. Didi was looking at the life she wanted, staring in front of her. There was a definition to it, she said under her voice_ This is 'what I want.

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