What Kind Of Job Can I Engage In Without Formal Education?

So many youths have asked the question above, especially those without formal education.

I'm sure most of you reading this post have done so too. Well, the simplest answer to the question is 'be determined to start with any kind of job as long as it is legitimate.' 

Do not begin by eyeing lofty jobs. Well, it's not actually bad to aim high. But start with anything legit that can fetch you income. The prestigious jobs will come at the right time as long as you are diligent, skillful, consistent, and trustworthy. 

These are the qualities needed to succeed in any kind of job, whether big or small. Not to be forgotten is having a very good human relationship, in this instance, with your workmates, superiors, and clients. A good attitude is, in fact, the key to success. Do these, and you will see yourself soaring higher even without formal education.💯✍️


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