What To Do When Family Say No

This gives an insight into how to handle family interference when it comes to choosing a spouse.

We all have our idea about who and what a relationship should be about.

Most times, we are faced with a situation where family members are not in support of a relationship. Some of these cases get resolved after a while. Others remain as it is and even without a tiny spark of hope that such a stand would soon be negotiated.

A relationship is first about the consent of the parties involved. The time comes when the consent of both families would be needed. At this stage, most intending couples would want to still go against their families' disapproval to proceed with the wedding. When this happens, it creates a situation where either of the families or both families are shut out on any issue or concern of that union.

In cases where misunderstanding might arise between the couple, it becomes difficult for family members to get involved. Usually, it becomes the husband's world against the wife's. 

Disapproval from family members might be a bitter pill to swallow, and it is not a pleasant reality to stomach. Caution needs to be taken towards going against such a stand as there might be good reasons behind such, and it would be best if both parties in the relationship choose to respect that stand if it never gets to be negotiated.

Bidding a relationship farewell at this stage is not going to be easy, but it is better to go into marriage knowing fully well that your family members are solidly behind you than to stand alone against your partner's family.

Usually, when a party goes ahead with the marriage, especially on the part of the ladies, they become objects of torture in the hands of their husband since he is aware that she does not have the support of her family member.

True love does not only stick. True love knows when to say goodbye. Learn to discern which way to go.

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