What To Know About The Newly Invented Sacro Suicide Euthanasia Machine

Over the years, there has been a philosophical question of morality concerning Euthanasia (mercy killing). While it has been justified on the basis that the person who needs euthanasia has undergone untold suffering too horrible to bear and has no hope of recovery has a right to decide his fate saving himself from life tortures and his family or caretakers from cost and emotional hurt, others have condemned this action from the point of view that no one has the right to take his life or the life of another despite any circumstances. However, euthanasia keeps on thriving in difficult situations of dilemma yet the means had not been completely convenient. Hence the modern invention of the sacro suicide euthanasia machine. Continue reading if you wanna learn more about this.

In the past years, Dr. Philip Nitschke has been known for his campaigning for the right of an individual to die if they want to. In 1997, he founded Exit International, a non-profit organization that advocated for the legalization of voluntary euthanasia (euthanasia is painless killing) and assisted suicide. In 2012, He started developing a machine called a Sacro suicide machine that would help a person who may want to take his/her life to do so with self-help and less pain. This machine is not the first of his work, as he has successfully developed machines in the past that could be used by individuals to inject themselves with lethal doses of barbiturates and die, but the difference is that this new suicide machine uses nitrogen gas to cause death. In one of his interviews with The Independent, Dr. Philip Nitschke said, "Death shouldn't be something you do hideaway in a back room somewhere," 


In 2005, a British man, Tony Nicklinson, suffered from locked-in syndrome – the result of a severe stroke that made him unable to speak, move or do anything else. He can only look. To allow his doctor to assist his suicide legally, his lawyer reached out to Dr. Nitschke. Today, the machine he invented in 2017 has been approved, and with the help of this machine, someone can now single-handed take his/her life without another person's assistance.


The Sacro Suicide Euthanasia Machine is detachable. The top (capsule) can be detached from the base. The top with the transparent screen is where the person who wants to take his life will lie. The tope also contains a 3D button the person will press from the inside to take his/her life. The base on which the top is attached contains nitrogen which will be released into the upper one when the machine is activated through a button.

The equipment will then flood the interior with nitrogen, rapidly reducing the oxygen level from 21% to 1%, and because human beings depend on oxygen to be able to breathe, the person inside will feel a little disoriented and may feel euphoric before they lose consciousness. Another thing about it is that it is faster as the whole thing takes about 30 seconds. Death takes place through hypoxia and hypocapnia, oxygen, and carbon dioxide deprivation, respectively. It will not cause pain to the person, and there will be no choking feeling as well. 

References: Wikipedia, Opera Mini. 

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