When All Odds Fail

This is a story of a girl who despite things not going in her own way came out victorious

Growing up as a child, Nancy was lively and full of life; she didn't look for trouble; she obeyed her parents and did her house chores before going to school. Her parents weren't that rich, but they provided for them and tried as much to get them what they needed. She is the first daughter of her parents, her parents gave birth to four children, and she was the first born. Every morning they do their morning devotion before dressing up for school, and after returning back from school, they do their homework and some house chores before going to bed.

But there was one problem Nancy had that wasn't a problem to her or her parents when she was little but has now become a very big issue to them now that she's sixteen. She had nocturnal enuresis(involuntary urination that happens at night while sleeping), also called bed-wetting; you can imagine how bad it was. 

Her parents started giving her honey to take, some herbal advice they got from someone until one day Nancy bed-wetted in her aunty place where she went to spend her holidays. Her cousins laughed at her, making her feel bad, bitter, inferior, and emotionally disturbed. Immediately after she returned, she cried and told her parents to take her to the hospital, and when they got to the hospital, she was diagnosed with having a small bladder that could not contain much urine. 😔 They gave her some medications and bladder training.

After a few years of Nancy, not bed-wetting, it started all over again when she was in the university; she was at 200 level, and she stayed in the school hostel; all her roommates laughed at her, throwing tantrums at her except one who started asking her some questions which she answered, they went to the hospital again, but all measures to make her not to bed-wet proved abortive. Nancy didn't know what to do anymore, she started feeling depressed, and every morning became like a sad day for her; she always got up in the morning to wash her bedsheet and wet clothes before all her roommates will wake up. It was a situation that affected her emotion and left her in a box of depression and anxiety.

One faithful day, A friend invited her to a church program to which she didn't want to go at first, but she was convinced and later went there. After the preaching, she gave her life to Christ; she started seeing things in a new way. Things were working for her, she prayed to God to heal her from bed-wetting, and God healed her. Your situation might not be bed-wetting; your's might be another issue that has been eating you up for a while now, giving you sleepless nights, making you feel less of yourself, friends are laughing at you, and you even thought of committing suicide to just end it. Maybe you hate yourself so much that you don't even see yourself in a positive light at all. I know you have tried everything; you might go to so many places to seek healing, maybe you have taken all the medication they gave you in other to heal you, you went to the best school, you took your business to the next level yet everything is not working out like you wanted it to be. 

Without odds in life, life will be like a plain road, and you will surely drowse at some point and ultimately lead to your end. So don't worry about the odds; face it with confidence, be bold, be brave enough, apply your brain and senses when dealing with them, and for sure, you will cross them successfully. Don't think of suicide because patience is the key when dealing with odds. Yes! It was God's handwork.

Even when Nancy thought there was no chance of healing, God came through for her in his own time. God said, come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. He knows you by your name; He knows everything about you; come to him and let him help you; when all odds fail, he is the answer. He said you should stop worrying, that if he can provide clothing for the flowers, how much more you who he made in his own image and likeness, a wonderfully and fearfully made creature. So! stop worrying when you have God. You can be like Nancy, who God healed after placing all her worries on him. He is the answer to all your questions.

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