When I Have Fear That I May Cease To Be.

This poem elucidate what the poet is likely to miss after the world beyond, since death is inevitable.

When I have fear that I may cease to be,
at the bank of the distant river I sat,
The roaring storm of the sea ceased for a moment,
The friendly sun refused to shine on Earth,
Each of them fortifying the loss to be gone.

When I behold, the chicks that cackles,
For thy early morning sacrifice,
That I shall never give thee more of thy possession,
Nor have relish in the faery power of thy early dawn chorus,
I sank in thoughts.

And when I feel, the beauty of gloomy rainbow across the sky,
That I shall never look thee more,
The evening breeze of ectasy,
That I shall never rejoice with thee more,
I staggered.

When I behold, the blood that irrigate the field,
The sweat that worked in the midday sun,
That thou shall not reap thy labour,
Nor have relish in the accumulation of the past.

Then out of the realm of thoughts,
I drawn resignation,
Life, though a vanity,
And seeing death as a necessary end,

Death, be not be proud, for some has called thee mighty,
Come when it pleases you!

#My thoughts flows through my ink that taint the clean slate of minds, leaving a lasting impression!
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