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When She Makes The Devil Blush

This is a narrative poetry. It revolves around female promiscuity.

He could remember the chorus of warnings 
under the lonely heavens concealing its dazzling stars
The voice of Mr. & Mrs. Tunde resonating within the walls of 
his sightly chamber - Reminding him why this marriage will 
be transient like the bewitching waves of the ocean
"Her fruit of the womb is stale with one already." Mr. Tunde had said
"She's a bed nomad." Mrs. Tunde lending vocal pillar to support him

Came last week, fate stirred the hornets nest - 
Eyes stumbling on magnificent sight - Iyke welding hands 
with his wife under the uncladded heaven. 
His apprehension backed by visual proof. 
His wife was cheating while under his roof. 
"I will maim him & my wife. In fact slay him & he'll die".
Thoughts ripping open the skull. 
When the sun deserted earth, an upgraded pillow talk broke out
"I saw you! You've been cheating & f*cking him!
Move out of my house when it's morning" 
"OK. It's cool. It's not as if your microscopic penis ever did me any good
 I'm tired of the shammed moaning and orgasm." She retorted. 
Her slam of doors startled the sun and made it rise with mourn. 
Bags leaving - Footsteps hurrying - Doors slamming! 
"Keep the child. I'm not training anybody". Her words. 
He could remember the chorus of warnings under the lonely heavens
When she left without a goodbye to her daughter - Raven. 
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