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When The Heart Stops❗

When The Heart Stops: No one will take you seriously when you joke about all things.

"Tola! please open your eyes" ( I heard Tola scream from her room, and I quickly ran to check on her). "Tola, are you fine?" But I saw her smiling when I got there. "Tola, you made me scared again!! are you ok?" "I'm sorry, I was only joking" She had been doing this on several occasions, and I told her to stop, but she continued doing it.

My tummy! Sis Eni! My tummy" I heard her screaming; I ignored her screaming because I thought she was joking as usual. But she kept on screaming. I quickly rushed her to her room, and I saw her lying unconscious on the floor."Tola!!! Please open your eyes and talk to me".

I rushed her to the hospital, and the doctor gave me his words that she would be fine. I'm very sure that she has learned her lesson. F.I.C.T.I.O.N

✍Don't joke with things you aren't supposed to joke with because people won't know when you are serious. That doesn't mean you shouldn't joke, or you should always look serious 😒 😃 but be mindful of the things you joke with.

✍ When you joke about everything, people won't take you seriously, even when you are serious.

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