When We Both Grow Old

You are; A free bird; The trees said goodbye; Since heart lost beats, And feelings lost its way;

You are;
A free bird.
The trees said goodbye,
Since heart lost beats
And feelings lost its way.

Couple in haste
Loving is chaste
Faults on blind hands
Over leaping lucky chances.
Alas! regrets wrapped our early love.

Old bones calmed our storm,
But your voice stirred more not to stop
Until this pillar fell on sandy plains.
I came by, but goodbye circled us like chain.
So see you, when we both grow old.

Sorry might be a late night,
God knows I fought like roaring knight.
Thought I could make it before u left
Until loneliness drills an endless cleft.
But see you, when we both grow old.

It could be more beautiful,
If you were adorable and so thankful.
But pride raided our Venus castle,
So our feelings lost their innermost battle.
But see you, when we both grow old
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