When You Were Here

The memories of having a loved around and the love continues to fill your heart. Now you have to live with the fact that they are gone

Memories like freshly made waffles still alive in my heart
Treasured moments are now shredded by the pain of losing you.
I remember the cheering and sounds of your laughter like music in my ears
I remember the raindrops on your bare skin and how we hopped along the streets hiding from Mama's tantrums.
I remember the love you showed and the way you held me tirelessly without complaining.
Now I've got things to tell you,
I wish you'd know that I am no longer a child; I have become a man.
I wish you'd know that Mama still calls out your name subconsciously and then cries.
Now I've got things to tell you,
I wish you'd know how much I love you because I didn't tell you as much as I should have, when you were here.

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