Where Beauty Lies

Sometimes the unorthodox things are the most thrilling and the safer path in life is simply boring.

What’s exciting about being in the light 
When everything else happens when the sun hides behind its cloudy blanket 

There’s no thrill when the sun keeps watching like a spying grandma
The night’s when everything is truly awake
Both the good and the bad

Even in our slumber 
Our true selves come out and dance in our dreams

The thrill of the night is high that should be craved often
There’s no danger in the glaring beauty of the sun
But the dark offers shadows that stare back if you look hard enough

There’s no beauty in daffodils or sweet-smelling flowers
There’s an allure in the croaking of a frog and the slither of crawlers unknown to mankind 

Take two steps into the dark and you may find something new
Breathe too loudly in the daylight and you just might piss off a nagging grandma
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