Where Mad Men Roam The Streets

It's about the irresponsibility of leaders and the poor responsiveness of the people...

Change is constant. It may come in different variations, yet, this phenomenon is, without doubt, a constant, just like time. Days, weeks, and months come with varying weather conditions and seasons.

Atmospheric conditions differ from one environment to the other. The sky may be blue in one place and black in another. Even in that community where the sky is bright and blue, it could be foggy from someone else's sight. Here, the day after Sunday is Monday. In some other place, it could be Tuesday, Friday, or no day at all!

There is the cosmos. In the cosmos, different worlds also exist. On a normal day, these different worlds should be interdependent and coexistent. However, where nuts go loose and no one is found to tighten them up in their right places, they eventually rot.

One good luck that comes with lunacy is blindness to reality. Madmen live in a world of their own. Madmen never know they are mad. In fact, they regard the same person as the abnormal one. They could casually discard things they used to cherish. They could also forget the people they loved. Similarly, things that used to matter would not matter anymore.

Madmen know no promise. Madmen do not understand the sanctity behind oaths, nor are they bound by them. Madmen do not understand development. Only what is right in that world in their head feels right to them.

Madmen have different definitions for many things. Justice could mean 'just us.' Freedom could mean doom. Stability could mean oppression. Violence could mean peace to them. They could mistake the oppressor for the oppressed.

Insanity can come in varying degrees. It could be partial or total. It affects various classes of people, both the rich and the poor, the ruler and the ruled, proletariat and bourgeois. Yet, insanity is insanity. It is characterized by blindness to reason.

In a world where mad people are allowed to roam the streets in their numbers, you could end up trying to differentiate between the sane man and the insane man. Worse would be the case when people who claim to be sane make people who turn out to be insane their leaders.

The good news is that insanity could be treated. In this case, the treatment would start from the mind. One's mindset should be positive and objective. Sentiments and prejudices should be sieved when making decisions.



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