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Who Is God In You And Through You?

Beloved, God brought you to this world not by mistake, and not by coincidence. But for a purpose and to ply through you to become a life-imparter and an inspiration to all. Abe is edified and inspired as you read on..... God bless you.

Have you ever received a light within you to honestly ask the above question? If you do, you will know Him; He will be who He truly is in you, through you, to you, and to your generations. There are so many in the Holy Scriptures who knew and became who He is in them, to them, and through them to everyone. Genesis 1:27, 2:7, 15, 20 - God became the first man to Adam in him and through him to give names to all the animals, birds, and every beast of the field that He created. Also, to have dominion and authority through him over all that He created. Genesis 2:21-23 - He formed Himself out of Adam yet again to become Eve, Who is the Mother nature to mankind, our Love, Helper, and Companion. Also, to reproduce and multiply Himself through her to fulfill His plans and purposes.

Genesis 4:25-26 - God became hope and restoration in Seth, and through him to be hope to others and restore to Himself Genesis 12:1, 15:1, 17:1, Rom. 4:3-6-9 - God became Faithful in Abraham and through him to everyone who believes, having absolute confidence in Him against all odd situations and circumstances. Genesis - 5:24 - He revealed Himself in Enoch as a friend, in an intimate relationship with a man, and as an immortal who never dies. Genesis 6:1-8 - Noah was the first man God revealed Himself to as the word "Grace." Grace in him to him and to many generations. Genesis 26:1-6 - God became obedient in Isaac. Speaking His word of obedience to stay in Gerar as a son will obey his father. Also became a son in him, through him to others to become sons. Obedience confirmed his sonship.

Genesis 32:27-30 - God became transformation and change in Jacob, through him to others. Nothing, no one, no matter how terrible and deplorable, He cannot change nor transform when one is truly willing to. Exodus 3:10-14 - God became I Am that I Am in Moses to him and through him to the Israelites. A God who is very much involved in our everyday life and living. The Ancient of days and Deliverer in difficult times, Who is able to deliver the oppressed from the oppressor, the devil. In the New Testament, there are also many more who knew, and He became Himself in them and through them: Matthew 1:1-17 - He came again as God who has a generation and history just like he did through Moses to Matthew, a tax-collector who was seen as greedy, selfish, traitorous and was mostly hated by the Jews, till he met Jesus who beckoned on him to follow Him. He immediately left the worldly life and its pleasures to follow Christ. As one of the His twelve disciples and an eyewitness who has his own history to tell, he also recorded a detailed account of Jesus' life and was a writer of His story.

Mark 14: 51-52 - He became in Mark the rejected one by the apostle Paul because of errors, mistakes, and spiritual infirmities (lack of loyalty and inconsistency) who He saved, healed, delivered, and restored. If, because of spiritual or physical infirmities, flaws, shortcomings, mistakes, errors, sicknesses, and diseases, many have been rejected and termed forsaken, Christ became the healer, deliverer, and salvation to them in His ministry work Mark penned down in the Sacred Book.

Mark 1:1-5 - He first became the word "Repentance" in John the Baptist and through him. A change of heart unto Him by regeneration and baptism. He brought out in John the Baptist the actions and the righteous judgment of the conscience in man to repent and be saved. What a divine mystery! Luke 1:1-7 - God became the divine Physician in Luke who was a physician seeing that there is a supernatural God who has the power to heal what naturally as physicians have termed impossible, after applying all mental knowledge to cure an ailment and many other cases. Though not present with Jesus during His ministry, his attention to detail and abundant eyewitness accounts serves him as a credible historian for the life, death, and resurrection of Christ and healing stories, showing compassion for the sick and Christ Jesus' supernatural ways of healing. Declaring through him in his writing the Greatest Physician.

Luke 32:31-32, Acts 2:40 - God became salvation to Peter in him, to him, and through him to others. (Acts 2:37-41). His teachings major on salvation after experiencing the depths and importance of salvation himself. John 1:1, 1John 2:5-6, 3:1-2, 11- God as the word called Love, He lived it and still became same in John even when he was with Him always having him rest in his bosom (John 13:23). And continued through him to generations even in his writings till His returning. Acts 7:60 - He became in Stephen forgiveness and mercy, no matter how awful a sinner could be nor his sins so despicable, His grace abounds and is more than able to save, deliver and change. 1Corinthians 14:10 - God became in Paul, 'I am what I am by his grace. Knowing that he was not qualified to be saved yet Grace found him. He was indeed an apostle of grace. (2Cor. 12:9). Apart from these mentioned above, there are several people He plied through in His Word to generations even unto this present moment. Dear saint, who is God in you to write as your story and testimony to the world in your journey here on Earth.

Your real and genuine salvation comes to effect the moment you discover in His divine light who He is in you on this earth. (Luke 15:17-18). On the narrow path with Him (at the place of the Cross), He will reveal to you who He is in you, in your life, and to your generations as He did to so many in His Holy Book. The spouse, brother, sister, His servant, the boss, and friend in your life could be one of the characteristics of Christ Jesus in your life, which you must hold dear. He is our All in All forever. He is in us, lives in us, His very own. (Acts 17:28). What He will become in you, through you, and to your generation might be for a very long or short period, but the timing is in His hands. May we not stay His hands in Jesus' Name.

God's Loving Heart

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