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Who Killed Mr Obi? Part 1

I participated in a writing contest last month, but this night and this hour, I just saw the rejection email they sent. It's sad and painful that I couldn't make the cut again. Disappointment tastes so bitter. This is the story I submitted:

Mr. Obi died on the night of his celebration party. He is a politician, and he just won the position of the Minister of Agriculture. He spent a lot to get this seat of power both through legal and illegal means. He finally won, and he couldn't be happier. He threw a lavish party at his home to celebrate, but a few hours later, after the party, he was found dead in his bathtub. An autopsy was conducted, and the results came out that he was poisoned. The police started their investigation and came out with a list of suspects:

* Mrs. Kate Obi (wife of the deceased): She had been abused numerous times by her husband. She detests him with all her heart but manages to stay with him because he threatened to take away their five years old son, Junior.

* Blessing (house help): 18-year-old help was raped by Mr. Obi the night before. He had stumbled into her room drunk and taken advantage of her. He threatened to kill her if she said a word about it.

* Kunle (Gateman): Mr. Obi owes him five months' salary. His wife is seriously ill, but Mr. Obi refuses to Grant him leave or even help him with some money. He had been incredibly bitter about it. He was nowhere to be found after Mr. Obi's dead body was discovered.ย 

* James (Driver): He was just employed a few months ago. He found Mr. Obi's dead body... also later revealed to be a secret assassin and spy sent by a political rival.

* Political rivals.ย 

For now, all plead innocent but let's review the events that took place at Mr. Obi's house before the party, during the party, and after the party. 4:30 pm. Guests had begun to trickle into the big sitting room that was now a temporary hall for the party. Dignitaries from all walks of life are going to be in attendance, Mr. Obi had a lot of connections, and he just became the Minister of Agriculture of Nigeria. Mr. Obi was in his room putting finishing touches on his appearance when Kate walked in with Junior. They were both beautifully dressed as well. "Are all the edibles ready? Have you checked with the caterers?" He asked as he continued checking himself in the mirror. "yes. Everything is set," she replied curtly. "Then why are you here?" He asked almost irritatedly.

She didn't reply to him; instead, she walked closer to where he was standing and stretched out an object to him. "what is this?" he asked as he finally turned to look at her for the first time since she entered his room. "pregnancy test strip. I am pregnant," she answered with a clipped tone. He had forced himself on her a few weeks ago after beating her to unconsciousness. "get rid of it," he said without missing a beat as he grabbed his phone and proceeded to leave the room. Before he steps out of the room, he turns and looks at her dead in the eyes, "The next time I see you after this party, that thing better be gone, or else I'm going to beat it out of you" He said with all seriousness. He didn't want any children, not from her anyway. He plans on sending her packing soon; the elections are over, so she is of no use to him anymore.

He walked into the hall with all smiles and pride. He was wearing a well-tailored native attire and a traditional Igbo red cap with a pair of shiny black shoes and a chief walking stick to match. His whole look cost him a fortune, but it was worth it as he had won the election. Guests congratulated him as he walked past; he waved and said hello to some. More than half of the expected guests had arrived, and everyone was dining and wining. He took his seat as the master of the ceremony walked to the stage." Good evening ladies and gentlemen; my name is Osaro. I am the master of the ceremony. Shall we say a prayer to open up this event?" The MC said in a cheerful voice. Mr. Balogun, Mr. Obi's close associate, stood up with a smile and took the microphone.

"We thank you, Lord, for the successful election and our new minister of agriculture," he said as the crowd chuckled and Mr. Obi grinned from ear to ear. "Thank you for making this celebration possible. Good news like this will not finish from our mouths in Jesus' name" "Amen," the crowd echoed. "our brother and friend here will continue to soar higher in Jesus' name "Amen" "more credit alerts to our bank accounts in Jesus name" The crowd laughed, "amen" "Help Mr. Obi to served our country well, in Jesus name we have prayed" "Amen." The crowd echoed loudly, and the microphone was returned to the MC. "Give us strength to eat and drink till we can't move in Jesus' name," Osaro said as he gestured to his stomach. The crowd laughed heartily at the joke.

"I'm sure everyone knows why we are here; it's very simple. This golden man, teacher, role model, mentor, adviser, philanthropist, leader, our father, brother, uncle, son, A man of his word is now the new minister of agriculture," Mc added. Whistling and hollers could be heard from the crowd; Mr. Obi stood up with a wide smile and waved at everyone. "He did it. He got the envious position with hard work and determination. Do am if e easy (if it's so easy, then do it), Sir, please give us a few words before we locate that jollof rice and chicken that we can smell all over the room."

The crowd clapped and cheered as Mr. Obi approached the stage. His pearly whites were on full display as he walked gracefully and took the microphone. "Thank you all so much for gracing this occasion and joining me to celebrate this new level. By God's grace, I am the Minister of Agriculture," he chuckled as he beamed with pride. "we are going to party to the fullest. Eat and drink as much as you want. Enjoy," he said as everyone clapped for him. The party went in full swing as the live band and dancers displayed beautifully with some afrobeat, juju, and native songs. Guests were served different varieties of Nigerian dishes like fried rice and salad, egusi soup and pounded yam, pepper soup, and yam and the popular Jollof rice. Drinks were plentiful, and everyone danced to their heart's content.

Mr. Obi was amidst the crowd, dancing and drinking happily. Today was one of the best days of his life. He was suddenly interrupted by his gateman while drinking with his friends. He went out with the gateman to ask what the problem was. The gateman presented him with an envelope and a bottle of wine. "Who sent this?" He asked curiously as he eyed the wine. It was his favorite wine. He was a wine lover. "It was from a convoy. He told me to deliver it to you and that you will know where it's from when you read the letter," the gateman answered. Mr. Obi opened the letter and read it. His face turned from curious to shock then happiness when he read the contents of the letter. "Oga, what did the letter say?" Gateman asked curiously after seeing his boss overflowing with joy.

"A letter of chieftaincy title from my community," he said like a giddy child."Go and keep my wine for me safely. Today is a great day," he exclaimed as he rushed back to the hall. "Congratulations, Sir, I'm very happy for you," the gateman said after him with the bottle of wine in hand... 8:00 pm. The party had ended on a very happy note; the hall was almost empty as workers packed up their things to leave. Mr. Obi was a little tipsy after the party; he retired to his room after asking the maid to bring some food for him. While changing his clothes to take a shower, Kate brought his food instead; she had met the maid on her way to his room. The maid had been feeling a little sick, and so she offered to take the food to him instead.*** The police found a half-eaten food and a half-empty bottle of wine in Mr. Obi's room. And after seeing a picture from the photographer of the event that showed Mr. Balogun offering a solo cup containing alcohol to Mr. Obi and other investigations...Mr. Balogun was revealed to be the political rival and the one who hired James to spy and assassinate Mr. Obi.

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