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Who Killed Mr Obi? Part 2

I decided to be intentional about my writing this year and participate in contests, I need money for my schooling and I needed to give my stories a greater audience. I have always been scared of the disappointment of not winning but I wanted to be optimistic for once. This is the second writing contest I participated in since this year and sadly still no good news. I just hope my overthinking mind helps me this time to find the strength to continue because I would be lying if I said this didn't hurt. Plus the terribly sad news of yesterday's killings. Hmm... The second and last part of the story:

The food and wine were scanned, and while nothing was found in the food, the wine contained harmful substances that were taken by Mr. Obi and was the cause of his death. Blessing, the maid told the police that she met Kunle, the gateman, in the kitchen when he came to drop the wine; he told her he was hurrying off to see his family in the village as he was told his wife's condition had gotten worse. Mr. Obi had told him that if he left without his permission, he shouldn't bother coming back, and he should forget about his five months pending salary. That was why he had managed to stay. But now, he couldn't stay any longer; he forfeited his five monthly salaries and ran home to his family in the village. James, the driver, had confessed in a bid to free himself that he was sent to kill Mr. Obi in his room that night when he saw his dead body instead. If Kate, Blessing, Kunle, Mr. Balogun, and James didn't do it, then who killed Mr. Obi? Let's go back again to the night of Mr. Obi's death. Mr. Obi retired to his room, tipsy and drained. The party was both fun and stressful for him, he spoke to guests, danced, and drank for hours, so naturally, he would be in need of his bed.

As he sat on his bed and stared at the mirror, he managed a small smile despite being tired. He felt fulfilled and satisfied. He had had sleepless nights since the campaign started. The competition had been fierce; he spent a lot of money trying to secure the position for himself. He didn't really care about the bad things he had to do; he felt what he did was necessary to achieve greater things. That was why he had been very angry when Kate asked for divorce some months ago. She is just too much; he never loved her; he married her because her father, his father-in-law, was one of the top people in the house of assembly. He knew he would need his support when the time came to pursue his political career. So he wooed and licked wounds for a few months, and he was able to win her heart; women were so weak to him. He got married to her and earned her father's favor. And now, when he was getting closer to his goal, she had come to ask for a divorce. How would he have allowed that? The divorce would definitely lower his election poll, and her father would bring down hell if he found out he beats her... He just couldn't allow that. He had to use their son has bargain to get her to stay, at least until the election was over; they could not get a divorce. 

Same with Blessing, he couldn't afford news to go out that he raped his house help. Even if he says it was a mistake, the scandal will definitely ruin him and his political career. However, it wasn't really a mistake. He had been eyeing her for some weeks now. She had grown into a beautiful woman since she came from the village at age 13. She had flesh in the right place and was well endowed. That night he just couldn't hold himself anymore, he wanted a piece of her, and he got it. The growling in his stomach brought him out of his thoughts. He didn't have anything tangible to eat at the party as he was very busy. He only drank wine and alcohol. He walked to his bedside table and took the telephone, dialing the maid's room number. "Bring my dinner to my room," he ordered."yes, sir," She answered with a clipped tone. He hung up by placing the telephone back. He didn't have the strength to scold her for replying to him so rudely. He would deal with her in the morning. He was just elected; having a rape scandal so early would ruin his tenure, and he couldn't trust her to keep her mouth shut for long. He planned on calling some goons to finish her off later, but that's for another day; for now, he just wanted to lay in the bathtub and let the hot water soak into his bones and rejuvenate him.

He started to take off his shoes and accessories when there was a knock on the door. The door opened, and Kate walked in with a tray of food. "why are you the one bringing my food? Where is Blessing?" "she is not feeling too well, so I helped her out," she replies as she places the tray on his table. He murmured some inaudible words and continued undressing. She left immediately after. As he took off his shirt, his stomach growled again hungrily. He decided to eat first before taking his bath, so he proceeded to his table and began eating. He was only halfway into his food when he noticed the chieftaincy title letter beside his tray. He stops eating and takes the letter. He smiles as he reads through it again.

Even though he had an idea that he might get the title, he was not hundred percent sure. Those community elders were greedy and cunning. They would continue to take from you and deny you of the title at the end of the day, and you simply cannot say anything about it because that would mean you were using your money as a bribe and pretending to be a philanthropist and a generous man. He did a lot to get this title; a whole lot of cash went into tarring the main road, building a public toilet and a public borehole for water. But it also had an advantage apart from the chieftaincy title; the community was large and packed with people because of the good soil for farming and low cost of living. Getting the support of such a large community was beneficial for the election, and luckily he was able to secure it and even get a chieftaincy title. 

He smirked as he dropped the letter; he suddenly remembered the wine that was given to him along with the letter. It would be a great combination for his bathtub spa time. He quickly reached for the telephone and dialed the maid's room number. It rang but no answer; he called two more times and still no answer. He decides to go get the wine himself from the kitchen. He walks down to the kitchen with only his native pants, and as he turns on the light, He goes straight to the bar cabinet, and he is first greeted by his favorite wine bottle. He takes it out and notices it was quarter filled. It must have been the old wine that he drank last. He checks the cabinet again and sees another one which was the one he was given as a gift. He takes it out and uncorks the bottle. He takes a little sip directly from the bottle and then proceeds to turn the wine into the quarter-filled one. He turns until half and then returns the newly opened one back to the cabinet. 

He was too careless and tipsy to notice anything unusual. what a ridiculous mistake! *flashback starts* Kate and Blessing had noticed that two rats had managed to sneak into the house. They had tried all the tricks they knew to kill them, but they were just too smart. Kate had seen a local rat poison from the market on the day of the party, and from the good review of the market women, she bought them and took it home. After mixing it later that day, she pours the mix into an empty wine bottle. Due to the party that day, she forgot to keep it properly, and she got too busy to inform her madam or oga what she did. Kate had entered the kitchen later during the party to see a wine bottle on the kitchen island; she took it and returned it to the bar cabinet. *flashback ends*

He walked back to his room and turned on his home theater, and played some cool blues. He takes off his clothes and checks the temperature of the water in the bathtub. He pours himself some wine and steps into the bathtub. He instantly relaxes as the slightly hot water touches his skin. He sighed contentedly as he went over the events of today with a smile. Today was a good day for him. He downs the glass in two gulps of his wine. He didn't notice that the taste was a little off. He was too lost in his memory of the events of the day to notice anything unusual. He pours himself another glass, and this time he sips it slowly. 

Five minutes later, sipping wine, he felt a sharp pain cut across his stomach. He screamed in pain as he held his stomach tightly. He attempts to leave the bathtub when he is hit with another painful jab. It felt like his stomach was on fire; hot tears streamed down his face as he attempted to call for help. His strained voice was drowned by the music from the home theater. He laid there helplessly as he began to cough up blood and struggled to breathe. He continued to writhe in pain till he breathed his last. Sadly, Mr. Obi killed himself.

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