Who Stole Your Joy

It is a poem which stress a bit the effect of the menace happening in our contemporary society and the solution.

Tears roll down!
What a hell has happen to you..
Feeling depressed and broken down!
Who has stolen your joy?

The more the tears the more more the pain,
It is better to sing melodies than to cry in vain,
Nothing good can be gain with the tears but more pain
Your joy has been stolen, what a ruin!

Your heart feel bittered,
It is better if it were your toy and not your joy that was tempered,
After many toil but yet everything seems shattered,
Now your life have look so tattered..

Pleasures seems to be a pressure,
No joy even when it is a liesure,
Drugs and cigarettes cannot solve the pressure ..
Your money you no longer treasured

Who has stolen your Joy!
Satan has stolen your joy.
You think of unknown gunmen,
And many wickedness of men.

What a time like this!
But is not a time to lament in agony,
Not a time to feel depressed,
Don't think of suicide..

Think Jesus!
He has the answer to your worries..
No joy outside Jesus..
The Joy of the Lord is your strength..

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