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Why Are The Only One Who Stays?

It's how our thoughts always remain with us...Why are you the only person who stays?; You are ever here; You run down my skin and cause me to shiver;

Why are you the only person who stays?
You are ever here,
You run down my skin and cause me to shiver.
The sensational feeling I get whenever you are here is indescribable.

Why are you the only one who stays?
You don't look like you want to leave anytime soon.
You just in a very subliminal way, stay put.
I don't even know; when you lie here with me;
My eyes always stare as though I want to look at you keenly, to figure out what you look like.

Why do you stay with me?
Tell me_

Dear thoughts, I don't know how to tell you to leave me alone.
Even when I don't want you here, you stay; always.
Even when water runs down my head, to my spine, and to my feet_ you just go away for a moment till the waters dry on my skin and you come back again.
"Why are you the only person who stays?"

A.N Franklin
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