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Why Did Genevieve Kill Her Father?

I wrote this when I started getting hooked on crime shows like Law and Order and the like.

"Miss Genevieve Yetunde Babalola, can you tell us why you murdered your father, Mr. Bolu Babalola?" This same question. One I do not have an answer to. I want to scream at the detectives, to tell them that I didn't kill my father, that I am not the culprit, but I've watched enough crime shows to know that the odds were against me. Why? Why was I holding the knife? Why does all the evidence point to me as the killer?

I loved my father even though I hated the way he slept around with girls my age and how reluctant he was to spend on my siblings and me while he kept a steady supply of condoms and sex enhancers. One day my brother almost ingested one of the enhancers mistaking it for ordinary chocolate.

"Miss Genevieve, we have invited a trained hypnotherapist, who, with the help of hypnosis, will try to jog your memory" For the first time, I notice the difference in my surrounding. How did I not notice that this wasn't the plain interrogation room? This was much brighter and more relaxing. "Hi. I'm Dr. Grace Miller; I will help you remember by making you relive the events of that fateful day. Try to stay calm and focus on the sound of my voice. Close your eyes". I closed my eyes, and she continued. " I am going to count from 15 to 1, and when I get to one, you will return to that moment. 15 14 13........5 4 3 2.." As her voice faded, I found myself in my room, on my bed.

I saw my past self on the bed while I watched from the corner of the room. She suddenly got up to leave, and I hurried after her as fast as my ghost-like body could carry me. "Daddy? You are home early; what's the occasion?" She asked Dad who was drinking an unknown liquid. "I rushed home to keep my favorite daughter company," he smiled. "I am your only daughter! But what are you drinking again? I've told you all these drugs that haven't been approved by NAFDAC are dangerous to your health," she scolded.

"My doctor e ma binu, this won't harm me in any way. But look at you, na...Asuu strike has done you well; look at how round your buttocks are" Dad stood up while licking his lips in a perverted manner. "Ah-ah! Daddy, se e wa dada? This one, you are acting like a pervert?" Tears streamed down my cheeks as I watched her struggle with the man who was supposed to be her earthly protector."Baby farabale? It'll be over soon, and mo se ileri, you'll enjoy it." I watched as she frenziedly leaped out of his arms and grabbed the kitchen knife. 

And when she continuously stabbed him everywhere, I didn't stop her. He deserved it. My body shook with shock as I watched the scene. I killed him... I killed my father! I was still shaking when I came to the present. "What happened?" The detectives asked, and a smile slowly crept to my lips."I killed him, and if I had the chance...I'll kill him again!" 


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