Why Do Students(teens) Sleep While A Lesson Is Going On?

I had a heart-to-heart talk with my J.S.S 1 students to know why students usually excuse themselves to go to the restroom, sleep or distract themselves while the lesson is going on, and they had this to say.

In this piece, l will be talking about why they sleep while the lesson is going on. The reasons are as follows:

📌 When they are weak or tired of the day's activity or the lesson.

📌When the lesson is boring.

📌When the teacher is repeating words.

📌When the student is sick.

📌When the student is not concentrating.

📌When the teacher teaches off from what she is supposed to teach.

📌Hunger on the side of the student. 

📌 Insufficient sleep from the student on the previous night.

I had to advise my teens to try to be interested in the lesson, pay attention to the lesson so that it can be well understood, feed well before coming to school and also have enough sleep at home.

To my fellow teachers(school and Bible teachers), teen coaches, mentors, and counselors make whatever you are teaching lively, not deviate from what you are teaching, and make your lesson well understood lest your effort becomes a waste.

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