Why Don't You Move On

You love him. He hurts you. You leave him. He proves he deserves you.

You love him. He hurts you. You leave him. He proves he deserves you. You take him back. He gets comfortable & he hurts you again. Girl, let me ask you this; how can you find the right guy if you keep going back to the wrong one?

You keep putting yourself back into this cycle that doesn't seem to change; you keep giving chances to someone who doesn't seem to improve, you keep investing your effort & your time in a person who seems to love wasting it, and you keep forgiving him for the mistakes he can't stop making, you keep loving a guy who loves to break the heart you use to love him with.

You tolerate so much; you deal with more than you should & you put up with things you shouldn't have to & because you do all of that, that's what makes him think you deserve so little. Stop settling for that when you know it isn't what you're worth to yourself. Leave what isn't good for you. Do it now.


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