Why Good Girls Remain Single

After such a lot of thought regarding why good girls remain single, I chose to converse with a couple of individuals to hear their thoughts on their thought process, is their justifications for why 'great' young ladies stayed single while 'miscreants' got hitched weekly. Thereafter, I accumulated a couple of indices to break the chain and get the Mr perfect attracted; which I called FACTORS FOR THOUGHT.


1. Absence of Personal development: A few decent young ladies don't work on themselves. The message of being a 'highminded lady' has denied a few decent young ladies of insight. They have explicit themes they discuss and answer. At the point when you go to a social occasion with a few decent young ladies, you will barely find them examining exceptionally intelligent stuff. Connect some of them in conversations on governmental issues, money, and business, and you will observe that they are, for the most part, uninformed in a portion of these areas. Yet, with regards to conversations on the most proficient method to be reliable in your request and word life or turning into a prudent lady, they are great. No man needs a dull woman in his life.

2. The Guideline of Regard: Relationship standards have no regard for anybody. Regardless of what your identity is, positive or negative, the outcomes of abusing relationship standards actually apply. Somewhere down in the core of men is a yearning to be regarded. Women likewise need to be regarded; however, it's something else altogether for men. More awful is the way that the African culture adds salt to the soup. A woman may here and there disregard it or not accept it as no joking matter when she's slighted, except a man won't ever overlook it because it's not a joking matter for him. Things that convey irreverence to men are close to nothing; the manner in which a woman talks and answers him and the manner in which she handles things that make a difference to him. Bad ladies use it as an expert instrument to keep men stuck to them, while great young ladies disregard this guideline for their inconvenience, having forgotten that this is one of their major roles in marriage.

3. Bundling Sense: In a bid to be profound (spiritual), a few decent young ladies lose their gentility. It is great to participate in exercises to fill in God; however, when those exercises start to remove the female touch from a woman and make her seem to be a man, it isn't great. No man needs to wed another man. Indeed, even a Minister needs a woman with her gentility alive, pleasant cosmetics, great shape, lovely smell, decent hair styling, and cool dress sense, among others. Men normally are driven by what they see. A 'miscreant' will know the right activities to get a man to see her, while a 'decent young lady' will undoubtedly not do anything to attract the right man but rather presume that her magnificence is within. Let it reflect on your outward appearance. Regardless of how extraordinary a woman's personality might be, it should be 'showcased' in a flawlessly and appropriately bundled holder so that the right men could see. It is excellence first before the character.

4. Zero Public Activity

Numerous great young ladies don't realize that heroes are not living in a similar room with them. They don't have a public activity. They need to go out so the heroes can see them. Heroes are not just found in houses of worship or church programs. They can likewise be found at occasions, youth culmination, syndicated programs, symposiums, and so forth.

5. Elevated Expectations: Most times, great young ladies have elevated expectations about the nature of the man they're searching for. "He should be God dreading, dependable, rich, gorgeous, have a cool dress sense, and outstanding in treating a young lady right." The main individual with this multitude of characteristics whenever you first meet and be with him is Jesus Christ, the sufficient. Please note there is no ideal man out there. However, having principles are not terrible but having reasonable standards is great and better-off. A man can't have every one of the characteristics a woman needs immediately. Check for the main ones.

6. Over-familiarity: Numerous great young ladies don't realize that a nearby male companion could be an expected spouse. Many frequently say they can't wed any of their companions. "He's simply a companion," they say. Who else ought to be an accomplice on the off chance that not a companion turned sweetheart? There are numerous great young ladies with great male companions in their lives, yet they like to keep them in the 'companion zone' in any event when it's evident that these folks like them, and they continue to ask God to send them 'Mr. Perfect. God is expecting you to recognize the one he has positioned as a companion in a disguised manner.


God has an ideal arrangement for the people who love Him. In the event that you are actually a decent young lady and you have all regions referenced above under control, continue to be great. The hero will come. Remain on your path, make the best choice, and the ideal individual will come. No time is past the point of no return. At the point when a woman starts to put marriage in front of her, she will barely accomplish anything throughout everyday life. Individuals have gotten hitched at twenty-four years, and their lives are hopeless.

The time a lady is squandering, moving between different prophets searching for what isn't lost, could be utilized for self-improvement. A lady shouldn't make do with less in light of distress or tension; while you are pausing, get going, find a new line of work, further your schooling, apply standards, carry on with an intentional life and confirm with God's instruction per time.

It's better to be single than wedded with laments!

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