Why Is My Case Different

Life is sometimes challenging. At some stages or points in a man’s life, things don’t work out as expected or as planned, and lots of questions go on in people’s minds like “What is my problem?” ” Why are things not working out for me?” “Why is my case different?”

Well, my dear, your case is not different or abnormal, but God is working out things for you, provided you can submit to His will. Some feel God is unfair to have allowed something to happen to them, but God is not evil; he cannot allow evil to happen to us. We might all be going to one place, but the route we would take and how fast we will get there will be different, but the truth is no matter how rough the road is, we all will get to our destination at the appointed time. Some people’s journey might seem smooth, and yours is the opposite, but that is not enough reason to give up.

Not everyone’s journey will be smooth. God will make some pass through tough times, and some people's journey seems smooth. But I want us all to know something “There is no crown without pain,” “there is no glory without a story. “ Those you think their journey is smooth or things are going on well with also have their challenges, but it differs. Instead of lamenting, go to God and ask for direction; ask Him of his plans for your life. Don’t just sit back and say God will do it but also work towards what He is telling you. God can tell you something, but He wouldn’t force you to do them.

Before condemning yourself, remember that there are people going through worse things than you are going through, but always remember that there is hope when there is life. As long as you still have the grace to breathe, then you still have the chance to make it. Also, remember that “challenges are to make you stronger.” Never give up on yourself. Believe that what you are passing through is a phase, and it will surely come to an end.

Oluwadamilola Adeola

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