*why My Country*

I am one of the best Teachers in the world, but Nigeria has not discovered me yet until I travel aboard. It's only in Nigeria as a Local player, you struggle to be recognized and discovered, but in aboard even if you are not in any local team, once they watch you play, even on the streets immediately, they pick interest in you and start training you secreting until you are well equipped, then you will be showcased.

In Nigeria, if not by the Grace of God and the connection you have, my brother, you will go nowhere when it comes to Football. Even if you play for that local team for 20yrs, your achievement might just be a captain bage. It's difficult to be discovered in Nigeria because Nigeria hasn't discovered itself.

There are thousands of players in Nigeria that can play and win the world cup continuously for Nigeria, but the ones selected are the once known. I Love my country so much because once it is Christmas, you will hear about fuel scarcity!! Why is this happening year after year, and NO SOLUTION HAS BEEN PROVIDED?

Any Candidate that wants to contest an Election always comes with one strategy or the other, most times the same strategy. You will hear something like; I'll construct new Roads and build new Schools, Hospitals once I become your President or Governor but yet they don't solve the outlined problem once and for all. Government upon government still comes with this, but till now, we still have the issues of roads, schools, and hospitals. My question is, why can't they solve this issue once and for all, so the next government will focus on other areas?

The only thing lacking in Nigeria is LEADERSHIP!!! And Nigerian Citizens should REPOSITION their MINDSET about Nigeria. Nigerian citizens don't say good about the country, and they expect better governance and a better Nigeria. Everything starts from your mindset; if your mind says you are POOR because of your current situation or the environment, you find yourself, and you accept it, my brother forget it; you'll definitely be POOR!!!

The only difference between Nigerians & foreigners is our MINDSET, the way we think, and how we see the impossibility of a thing or something. We don't have the Technologies they have. This is because we haven't been taught to have them. The foreigners are ahead of us in THINKING and MENTALITY, Nigerians are too FOCUSED on Oil & Mineral resources, but they haven't been taught how to improve the performance of AGRICULTURE.

I have discovered that Nigeria is the RICHEST country in the world would, but the question is? Why are we not on the list of the top 30 richest countries in the world? Because Nigeria hasn't discovered itself and what God has blessed us with. We haven't yet repositioned our mindset in those areas. I was privileged to teach about 200 foreigners all over the world as of 2021. I also discovered the reason if any Nigerian travel abroad, they will always come out the Best.

Let me shock you; Your iPhone was made by a Nigerian; he was scared of staying in Nigeria because he understood how Nigerians aren't satisfied with their own Production. He nationalized and went aboard. That's the reason iPhone still exists now, and that is why it is the most used gadget in the world today!! Why do you think all Nigerian Politicians send their children aboard to study? Do you think it is because there is no better school in Nigeria or because of Insecurity? No, No, No!!! It's because of their mindset; they are so afraid of the crimes they have committed and the places they have stained their hands with. They don't want it to affect their family; that's the reason they send their children there and remain here in Nigeria with us.

There will be no better governance in Nigeria because Nigerians have already said that THIS COUNTRY WILL NEVER BE BETTER because of the high rate of corruption, that's their mindset here in this country, and you expect a better PRESIDENT as well. A wrong mentality brings negative results! Why do Nigerians believe is after schooling, you will get a good or a better job... I laugh!! And you are in a country ruled by someone that didn't go to the University. We go to school to be empowered, not employed!

If anyone tells you school is a scam, it's better you delete that individual from your life. Even if you don't finish your Higher institution, please try and attend primary and secondary school; it helps; at least you know when to RUN and when to STAND.

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