Why Relationships/marriages No Longer Last

We are living in a crazy world where true love has turned into a mere illusion; it hardly exists amongst us. Irrelevant things have become a yardstick for the measure of love.

The universe already knows and understands the imperfections of a human being from the beginning; the universe understands that human beings are the hardest to be understood, manipulate, and controlled, and that was why this feeling without reason was created. Yes, I call it a feeling without reason because it's unconditional. It's only that feeling that can make you not see and overlook the imperfections of a particular person. 

Sometimes you hear people say things like, "there's something so special about this guy or girl, but I can't place a finger on it." Of course, you can't pinpoint a particular reason because there should be no reason. Also, we should also understand that even though they shouldn't be a reason to love, they Are another factor that triggers it, Which is shared characteristics (your type). Let me tell you; they won't be any genuine love between a one-man type of woman and a chronic womanizer, a principled man, and a lost woman, etc.

Just like words and they're opposite, you attract what you are. There's no genuine love between a guy who loves enjoying himself, going from one flexing joint to another with a lady who loves a private and low-key life. But, when other things become a yardstick for the measure of love, you see the reverse being the case. Imagine you as a lady, you are a one-man type of woman and detest cheating like mad, and you can't overlook it, and you are married or in a relationship with a bloody cheater because of one thing or another aside from love. Tell me how that relationship will work, or even if it lasts long. Will you ever have peace of mind and be happy? In all, I am only trying to say, be with your type. Of course, they will still be little challenges because of our imperfect nature but trust me, you can handle them and still be happy.  

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