Woman Of My Dream

In the silence of the night; When I am on my couch, I lie; When sleep has left my soul to wander;

In the silence of the night
When I am on my couch, I lie.
When sleep has left my soul to wander
like a fish in a deep ocean
Then comes the flash of her beauty in my inward eyes, like a yellow candle flame.
And my heart with pleasure chants:
Woman of my dream, beautiful like a ravine
Woman of my dream, pure like a driven snow
woman of my dream, the beauty of my heart
The woman of my dream, though far, yet near
Your beauty inspires my nights.
making me a prisoner of my thoughts
For you, my heart beats
Like a jungle drum in the Sambisa forest
In her melodious voice, my soul delights.
I have found comfort in her warm embrace.
At night I dream of you, and when the sun rises,
We shine together.
Woman of my dream, the mother of my kids

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