Work Smart Not Hard

This is an insight on how to improve on your life and use your skill wisely.

Often we see some posts either on social media or any other platform that you need to work hard so as to earn massively. Moreover, the school has done more harm than good to us. We were taught in school how to study, get good grades, and get employment with a good firm. But the truth still remains that no one becomes a millionaire by earning a salary. Let me shake this table small,

While writing this page, I am in a classic hotel owned by an entrepreneur here in the city of Aba, Abia state. But since I walked in there, I haven't seen the owner, but he was ever he is, and his money is coming to him. What point am I trying to make here is that to walk smart, you need to be a creative thinker?

Those who work smart walk once. But hardworking demands that you should be at the working place in and out. Let me tell you this, if your business needs your hundred percent presence to survive, you don't have a business yet. Here we are talking about how to work smart. Let me cheep this to you, people will always tell you there is no shortcut to life, but if you still believe it in this century, you are doing yourself more harm than the one that our parents, school, and environment have done us already. There are actually shortcuts to life if only you can pay the price and take the risk. You already know that it is riskier not to take a risk.

Let me share this story with you about a potato seller. In a community of potato farmers, after harvesting their potatoes, they wash them, Select the good ones from the bad ones, and the big ones from the small ones, but there is this other man, what he does is after washing his potatoes he packed them into his wagon, and he is already heading to the market, and his the first to arrive, make good sales and go home, so the other farmers kept wondering how he doses it, so they decided to meet him for and asked him how he does it He answered them by saying "after washing and selecting the good ones from the bad one's, I packed them into my wagon, and took the rough road, while I move through the rough road, the small potatoes will go inside, the medium ones will be on the middle and the big ones will get to the top." This man became Amazed by the answer they got. The shortcut is actually rough; it demands a lot of courage and gets.

Today we have FacebookTwitterWhatsAppTickTalkInstagramTelegramAnd lots more as our shortcut to get to any level within the shortest time. Do you know millions of people can see your product within 24hours? Isn't that a shortcut? Someone may be asking me, how about me, that is a classroom teacher? I need a salary to survive cause I don't have a product in the market. Let me ask you, have you watched a video on YouTube describing or solving particular arithmetic. Teaching is actually your product. Our problem is that we see this as what we managed; we don't see it becoming world-class and sort for.


Smartness is a skill; no one is born with it; rather, our environment and society help to inculcate it. Smartness is not about robbing or stealing, far from it.

That one is fraudulent doesn't make him or her smart. But when you walk with a smart person, he wants to see you become the best; he wants to push you to success, and he wants to turn misfortune into great Fortune.



The dictionary definition of leverage is: using a lever to exert force on another object. To really get at the heart of what leverage can accomplish, it's critical to understand the many different types of leverage in business and in life.

Financial leverage: Financial leverage essentially means using other people's money to gain rewards. Businesses can employ monetary strategies like debt financing and investment to increase financial leverage. You'll have more capital available but will also increase your debt. Keep your financial leverage ratio low for greater stability.

Operating leverage: A form of financial leverage, operating leverage occurs when your operating expenses are fixed, but your revenues or profits are growing. To measure your operating leverage, divide your fixed costs by your variable costs; high operating leverage means you lose more money overall when revenue decreases.

Time leverage: Time is the scarcest resource – yet we all trade it away every day when we go to work. Time leverage is, therefore, one of the most important kinds. It means using other people's time to accomplish your tasks, essentially giving you more hours in the day. Delegating and using technology are two ways to increase your time leverage.  

Personal leverage: Personal leverage, or relationship leverage, is vital to every area of your life. When you surround yourself with the right people and use those connections to get things done, you're using the power of leverage in the best possible way.

The whole point of leverage is that you're already equipped to succeed. When you leverage your existing resources, they expand and multiply to produce new resources. This fleshed-out leverage definition facilitates momentum to the top, where you're able to achieve anything you desire. 


The main benefit of leverage is that you can do more with less, maximizing achievement in every area of your life.

Build wealth: The power of leverage is that it boosts your returns on your financial investments so that you can build wealth in a sustainable way. It helps you run a smooth business that does not really require your presence. It could be that you bought a share in an Enterprise or that you are into real estate.

Grow your business: Leverage in the business allows you to save time and money, find new efficiencies, get new information and grow your business to new levels. Smartness requires that you know the next move of the economy; you don't do business now with the 1990 system. There is a system of the now; find it, study it and work with it. Don't belong to the group that still uses Solomon as the wealthy king or Abraham and Job; look for where the economy of the now is being talked about. Taking your business to the next level only demands consistency; you have to be intentional about it. Tell your friends what you do. Let me tell you, this book is on the table, yet I have already told some people that there is a book for their business. Social media can help you take your product to the world; that little thing you do can fetch you good money if you leverage it.

Increase productivity: Leveraging your time, connections, and more helps you be more efficient, boost productivity and achieve your goals fasterDo you still remember those things we learned in school? I was simply interested, "It takes two men 3 hours to clear a piece of land; how many hours will it take four men to clear that same piece of land" with this, now I know you can remember. In business, it is called leverage. Smart people like leveraging because time is saved and increase in productivity.


Information is known as facts provided or learned about something or someone. "a vital piece of information. "One of the outstanding things you need to know to reach your place in destiny is information. One of the richest men in the world today is only trading information. He has better information than others in the field. All Bill Gates and Amazon, and most other successful people are trading information; what they have, others don't have, and so they are wealthy.

The difference between my friend and me is the level of information at our disposal.

'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….' Hosea 4:6 Only those who know more become better, and when you're informed, you're transformed. To be uninformed is to be deformed in life; those that work smart makes information available stay. They pay any price to get informed.

Information is so important and powerful that the amount or level, and type of information you have can make or mar your destiny. Insufficient information about a thing is what has left many in the pool of the average, and the type of information you have determines the kind of life you will live.

If, in these days of high Information Technology, computers, and the internet, someone who is not computer literate desires a secretary job in an organization, such a person will not get the job. The level of your information determines the level of your success.

Smart people work with the slightest information at their disposal, as stated earlier. If you are reading this book, either the pdf or the hard copy now, in your hand or beside you is a technology which is a source of information when processed becomes money. 

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