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A Christian apologetics on worship...Yesterday I was opportune to minister at a program titled; WORSHIP REVIVAL, and it was really great, and as I sat through the program watching other ministers ministering via sound and words, I began to reflect on what worship is.

First, I ask myself what this worship is and how do we worship, moreover who do we worship, and why do we worship 🤔 right now, a lot of answers might be running through your mind; probably you've never given attention to this, so let's do a little digging.

 First, let's start with what worship is all about.

1. Worship is an act of showing reverence to a being far greater or superior to you. Worship isn't what you do when you are happy or in church; it isn't what you do when singing or praying; probably you might be thinking then what is worship. Worship is your whole life because whatever you do for your entire life is in obedience to the one you reverence much, your entire life is lived in the direction of pleasing what you believe in, and now evidently you are worship; no wonder Dunsin Oyekan sang; I am your worship now when you pray, sing, give, show love, it all in an extension of what is inside of you coming into view in the outside.

2. How do we worship then? We sometimes worship absent-mindedly by the things we do, the words we speak, and the impact we make; as long as it aims to satisfy our maker, then it is our worship. Worship isn't the show of your strength but a display of your weakness; it is not a show of your perfection or righteousness but of your imperfections; that is when true worship comes in. When you are conscious of your weakness and believe that there is only one perfect being, then surely humility comes into play because our righteousness is like a filthy rag before him then you that you worship not because you have but because you possess, but because you desire to carry; therefore the only means to carry is to tarry(wait) in the place of worship, remember Jesus said time would come where the true worshippers will worship in truth and spirit, a spirit doesn't lie and where truth exists humility is sure to be found, therefore with these two qualities your life becomes the ground for worship.

3. Who do we worship?

I guess we will all respond to God in the affirmative but do you really know who God is? Do you know that as loving as he is yet, he is the most impartial judge? Do you know that as gracious as he is yet, he is the most jealous God? Hebrew 12:29 will say our God is a consuming fire and another portion still says his words are sharper than a two-edged sword; therefore, who we worship is this God with a thousand dimensions; although constantly being revealed to us, we can never exhaust his dimensions, our God is everlasting.

4. Lastly, why do we worship? This is the most important question a lot of us fail to know; some will just say God created us to worship him; therefore, why we worship is because that is the purpose of our creation. But inasmuch as the answer is correct, have you ever wondered why our purpose was to worship? I began to wonder if God only needed worship, he could have created a thousand more angels to do that in heaven; why was there a need to create another set of special creations and yet be given the responsibility to worship? Was it that the angels in heaven didn't worship enough? No, was there something unique about man's own worship? Definitely yes.

Now here is the chemistry:

The angels created in heaven were created out of perfection and holiness, and then their duty was to worship before God unceasingly, but despite their beautiful creation, they were not given the liberty to choose whether to worship God or not; it was their obligation to do that otherwise they will outlive their usage in heaven just like Lucifer did and was thrown down to earth alongside his supporters, now whatsoever a person is forced to do that task can never be done 100% why because he had no option but to do it.

Just try this if you doubt. Have you ever tried calling a person and assigning him to do something for you? and have anybody ever volunteered to do a task for you? If yes, weigh the two individuals you will find out that the one who volunteered will certainly give more attention to it even if he can't do it.

Wondering where I am heading to? Well, man was created and given a choice because the worship given to God by angels was not out of free will but obligation; therefore, the flavor was lacking, so in order to avoid the scenario of Lucifer occurring again, he gave the man a choice to choose worship, then he will certainly give his heart and soul to it, therefore when we worship in our imperfections genuinely God is moved, and he now stirs us with his perfections so that our worship now becomes more acceptable than that of angels.

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, Hebrew 11:1. That means you can only have faith in that which you have not seen, but ask yourself, what has the angels not seen? Is it God's face? Or his glory? Or his purity? Therefore faith is only found in man, not in angels, so while angels are loyal beings, men are faithful beings. Without faith is impossible to please God; therefore, a man holds the key to please God because of the faith in that which he is even yet to see God, yet he worships him wholeheartedly. therefore, dear brothers and sisters, it's high time you take worship seriously because your crown and existence depend on it. But you're free to think otherwise😊

Thank you for your time.


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